Q&A: Could you tell me the difference between aristocrat, ouji, and lolita?

May 9, 2013

I received this question via anonymous on my tumblr. Yes, anon, I can! This is purely based on observation since ouji and aristocrat are not as well-defined as lolita.

Apologies for a terrible photoshop job

I like to think of lolita and ouji as twins and aristocrat as the elder sibling. Since they all belong to the same family, they have very similar traits. At the same time, family members have their differences otherwise everyone would look the same.

Aristocrat (EGA*) is the most mature style out of the three.
  • Black, white, and jewel tones are popular colors. 
  • Minimal skin, floor length clothing
  • Masculine aristocrat has a very straight silhouette. Outfit usually consists of a jacket/gilet/vest, blouse, and trousers.
  • Feminine aristocrat can have a straight silhouette or be more triangular due to voluminous skirts. Outfit usually consists of a blouse + skirt or onepiece dress, and can include intricate headwear or corsets.
  • Common brands: Moi Meme Moitie, Atelier Boz, BLACK PEACE NOW

Lolita (EGL*)
  • 3 main substyles: Gothic, classic, and sweet 
  • Specific silhouette created by a petticoat underneath a dress or skirt
  • Very feminine and modest
  • Dresses and skirts usually fall around knee length
  • Common brands: Angelic Pretty, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, and more

  • Pants, boyish"prince" style
  • Sometimes crosses with punk
  • Can have some fantasy influences (pirate, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit themes)
  • Outfit usually consists of blouse, vest, and breeches
  • Even though it's a boyish style, it can still be very feminine 
  • Common brands: Alice and the Pirates, Atelier Boz, Putumayo, and more

Differentiating between (masculine) aristocrat and ouji can sometimes be very difficult. Both involve pants which separate them from lolita, but the main difference is in the details. Aristocrat has simple cuts and is more flowing. The more lace, frills, or trims, the more likely it will fall under ouji. Of course, don't worry about labeling yourself too much if you can't figure out which one you fall under. It means you have a unique style! 

To close off, here are some amazing duos.

lolita and aristocrat; Katou and Hide of Cinq Pathetique

ouji and lolita; AKIRA and Misako Aoki
lolita and ouji; Hizaki and Teru (Versailles)
aristocrat and lolita; D.M. and Arthael
* Elegant Gothic Aristocrat and Elegant Gothic Lolita are usually used to specifically refer to the brand Moi Meme Moitie.