Ozone Socks Sheer Stripe Over the Knee Socks

Nov 30, 2014

Sometime ago, I received some products of Ozone Socks from my friend Aerynsys. This is the first pair out of two.

These socks are Ozone's Sheer Stripe OTKs in white (currently sold out). Compared to the Alice and the Pirates sheer socks I own, they're definitely more stretchy. The main reason I don't wear my AatP ones often is because I feel like I would destroy them in a few wears. The Ozone ones feel more durable and survived my deadly washing machine, so I don't have to worry about them ripping any time soon.

Ozone has a lot of quirky and unique designs, suitable for all tastes. They even plan to make more Japanese fashion friendly styles, so keep an eye out for them!

Right now they are having a Cyber Monday sale, so all socks are 50% off!

Metamorphose 2014 A&W Coordinate Contest

Nov 22, 2014

Guess who entered the Metamorphose contest again? Originally, I wasn't going to enter, but I figured I should submit again for consistency's sake.

Choker: Alice and the Pirates x Hizaki collaboration
Vest: Metamorphose temps de fille Ornament Print
Blouse: offbrand
Pants: Na+H Side Frill Shorts
Socks: offbrand + Metamorphose Vintage Cameo OTKs
Bag: Metamorphose Double Pockets 3 Way Bag
Shoes: Bodyline shoes277

You should also check out Grimy and Ann!

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Ann's entry: [here]

The voting ends at 3:00 PM on Nov. 28th (JST). Thanks for looking and happy voting!

Oni-Con 2014 Friday: Ganglion Concert!!

Nov 6, 2014

This year Oni-Con had Ganglion as the main musical guest and I was really excited to see them live! Oni is my favorite model and I've been listening to the band for a little over a year. It was actually really surprising when Oni-Con announced them as the guest because I never thought they'd be able to come overseas. Big thanks to Babel Entertainment for bringing them over.

Some of my buddies for the weekend were Hina & Alys, Pengu, Miss Lillith, and grimy13 in respective order.
This photo placement may or may not be intentional.
My coord for Friday was of course inspired by Ganglion who were rocking their latest black and bordeaux looks provided by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. Originally, I was wearing a Boz cape, but it got way too hot for that. Some day, I will get to debut that cape I swear.
Hat: Alice and the Pirates Mad Hatter 3 Stage Hat
Jacket: Alice and the Pirates Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Jacket
Jabot: Innocent World Millefeuille Ribbon Jabot
Blouse: Bodyline P227
Shorts: Na+H Frill Short Pants
Tights: Sakizo Daughter of Circus
Boots: Queen Bee
Buttcape: Atelier Boz Leister Overskirt

We got the front row, so I managed to get great concert pictures. Since it was Halloween, everyone except Oni came out in masks. Ebi was wearing a R.I.P. skull, Sagara wore Batman, and Vivi was wearing a kunoichi facial mask.
If you're not familiar with Ganglion, here's a short introduction (left to right):
Ebi on bass
Sagara on guitar and backing vocals
Oni on vocals and guitar
Vivi on drums

I don't recall the exact setlist, but I definitely remember them playing loser, tonight, Distance, 碧く揺れて, BLACK OUT, 幸福のセオリー, Go straight your way, and sink. Ganglion is amazing live. When you hear them on CD is one thing, but hearing them in person is so much more impressive. They are so energetic and so talented! Here are some of my favorite pictures I took.
Vivi posted this one on her blog!
Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures of Vivi because I could only see a cymbal over her face the whole time. The life of a drummer is hard. More photos are under the cut.