Jan 16, 2014

On the latest episode of Kawaii International, the theme was boyish street style. The narrator introduces three substyles: punk, ouji, and vintage. Most of the episode focuses on the punk and casual styles. This episode features popular idol group Fudanjuku and some popular dansou models such as AKIRA, Oni, and ROOT. There's also some quick hair, makeup, and posing tips.

My favorite part was the makeover of Senanan. She looks super cute in fairy kei, but she pulls off boystyle very well, too. The contrast is interesting to see. I also found the posing tips to be useful. Watching it made me learn that ROOT is actually a girl. I never knew that and she had me fooled for forever!

The Japanese twitter tag they used in the show is #男に見えたら.

AatP New Year's Lucky Pack 2014 Opening

Jan 2, 2014

In a 2 hour struggle with the BtSSB website crashing, I luckily was able to purchase Briar Rabbit’s Paysage JSK II set by Alice and the Pirates. The lucky pack cost 19,740 yen and shipping to the US was 4900 yen.

Inside the box, everything was contained in a navy AatP eco bag containing 1 jumperskirt, 1 blouse, 1 headbow, 1 pair of OTK socks, 1 eye patch, and 1 purse.

The print on the JSK is gorgeous! I'm not usually a print person, but when I saw the preview the frames and the splashes of red reminded me of AatP's Charm de Rouge print. In-person it's even more beautiful; my pictures don't do any justice at all. Since it's a lucky pack release, the fabric is thinner than normal and there is no lining. There is no boning either which is good in my opinion because I've had a lot of AatP boning stab through the fabric. The tag also says not to get it wet since the print may run. I was lucky enough to get the black blouse, but I ended up selling it because I didn't like how large the collar was. The headbow is medium-sized and is wired, so you can change the shape. The socks might end up being knee socks for taller people since they go barely past my knees. The eye patch is made of faux leather and has a gold-embroidered AatP logo design. The purse was surprisingly bigger than I was expecting and is very roomy. Inside it has red lining and there are 3 pockets. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase!