Review: Aetherlund Bat Wing Cuffs

Jul 27, 2014
Good evening! Way back in February, I first saw these nifty looking cuffs being worn by Miss Lillith, so I asked her where they were from. She said her friend made them and at the time, there was no online shop, so I bought them through a private sale with local pickup. Shortly after I bought them, Julie opened her online shop Aetherlund over on storenvy!

At first, I was a little shocked at the price, but Julie assured me that her cuffs were made of the highest quality materials. She was right! These cuffs are black and made from real Italian leather. Since they are real leather, they will stretch just a tiny bit after being worn.

The rivets and buckle are made of brass and securely fastened. The parts definitely won't be coming off by accident any time soon. All of the leather parts are cut by laser, so the edges are perfectly smooth.

I've had the cuffs for about 4 months now, so this review is a little overdue, but they're still in excellent condition. Since I'm a little rough and disorganized, these cuffs have gone through quite a beating. In the above picture, signs of wear are slightly visible. It adds a little character to the cuffs and aren't visible unless they're right in front of your face.

There are holes through out the entire band, so they will fit a large variety of sizes! This makes them super versatile, so they can be worn almost anywhere. My favorite place to wear them is on my upper arms.

They look fantastic on legs, too, adding a nice finishing effect to your shoes.

I am completely satisfied with Aetherlund and looking forward to the future designs! It was a pleasure communicating with her. Since we did a local pickup, I can't comment on shipping, but she does offer both domestic and international options. You can keep up with Aetherlund facebook and purchase via storenvy.