Buttcape Has Moved

Feb 13, 2019

Buttcape has moved to my new website www.stephano.me! Blogspot has served me well over the last 5 years, but I felt ready for a move.
I will be transferring the most recent posts to the new site and leave the remaining ones at this URL.

Birthday Haul 2018

Oct 16, 2018

It's my birthday month, 10/27 to be exact, so here's a totally self-indulgent update with everything I bought for myself.

h.NAOTO Dragon Birdcage JSK
MALICIOUS.X Creature Bag
Nike Air Jordan Wmns RE LO NS NRG Black
Unintentionally I bought a whole coord. I've been interested in MALICIOUS.X products since they are very artistic and look well-crafted. Of course, right after I ordered, they announced they are having a Halloween sale for 10% off. Unfortunate timing for me. Then I saw h.NAOTO make one dragon version of their iconic birdcage dress. The bird cage dress is my all-time favorite design of Naoto's and I never owned one. I had a variation the skirt, but it wasn't quite the same. Plus I am a sucker for dragon leather anything he puts out. Two of my favorite things in one item, how could I say no? The sneakers were a complete accidental find though. My sister wanted to go to the Nike clearance store I stumbled upon these. It's so funny because they match h.NAOTO's dragon stuff perfectly. The retail price is ~$160 and I copped them for $28! They're really comfortable.

This post didn't really have much, but need to tell myself that not every post I write needs to contain a significant amount info. I believe that's why I've been burned out on blogging for the last 1.5 years. Remember to take it easy with your hobbies otherwise they stop being fun!

More Reasons to Hate Anime Matsuri and Shop in Wonderland Part 1

Mar 2, 2018

Continuing from the post I made in 2015, here are more reasons why you should not support Anime Matsuri. In case, you needed a refresher course: Anime Matsuri is an anime convention in Houston, TX owned and operated by President Deneice Phan Leigh and Director John Leigh. Running Anime Matsuri is Deneice and John’s full-time job and main source of income. The entirety of Anime Matsuri is built solely around them as individuals. Every business decision is ultimately made by John and Deneice. It is physically impossible to remove them from their positions since they are the sole owners. Staff members of Anime Matsuri have no say in the convention’s financial decisions since every department is micromanaged by John and Deneice. Since everything is micromanaged by John and Deneice, staff members are virtually useless and replaceable at any moment once they decide they have no use for you. Deneice and John will just find another thirsty weeaboo off the street to work for them. Deneice and John are liars, thieves, scammers, and manipulators to industry guests and even their own fans and “friends.” On top of that, there’s the sexual harassment, too, but I’m sure you’ve heard of that.

Shortly after I published my initial post and Chokelate had written her account, John retaliated with a blog post called “A Man in a Woman’s World Pt. 1” hosted on blog.com. John did not own a blog, so he went out of his way to make one just to write his non-apology. I want to emphasize that I was only an attendee of the con and Chokelate was an official guest of the con and that neither of our accounts should be forgotten. John wrote that he considered me a friend, but if he was really my friend, he would not have manipulated my other friends (at the time) to kick me out of my own community because I disagreed with the community turning into an AM adspace. I was backstabbed by people I trusted. Then he had the gall to try bribing me into silence by offering me a staff position. The nerve of some people. I wish someone had warned me back then, so that’s why I’m warning others now.