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Aug 9, 2017

Another year, another Houston Japan Festival. The festival takes place every spring, the season also known as summer in Texas. I must be a masochist or something because I decided to wear full-blown gothic aristocrat outdoors.
I am uncertain why I still attend the festival because I absolutely detest driving to Hermann Park when it is crowded and I will definitely burst into flames when outside. My main priority for festivals is food, but every year the number and quality of food vendors dwindles, so there is really no reason for me to go anymore.

I arrived just in time to watch the fashion show and I was rather unimpressed with it since the MC was saying a lot of unnecessary commentary. I'll leave it at I hope they learn from their mistakes since it was their first time running a fashion show. I sat in the back, so my parasol wouldn't block anyone's view, so I didn't get any pictures of the show. There was a wide variety of different fashion styles such as fairy kei, kimono, lolita, ouji, and visual kei.


The key element of this outfit is shantung! I'm pretty sure half of my wardrobe is shantung at this point; I can't get enough of the stuff. Many thanks to Hina for taking photos for me.
Headdresses: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Antoine Bouquet Head Bow, Closet Child feather clip
Ruff: Alice and the Pirates Grizabella Frill Detachable Collar
Blouse: Mille Noirs Georgette Blouse
Corset: Angelic Pretty Moonlit Night Castle Bustier
Skirt: Mille Noirs String Skirt
Glasses chain: Atelier Boz
The bustier and skirt surprisingly went together very well. I bought the bustier on impulse and was a bit worried the cut was too sweet, but I think it worked out in the end. Not that you can really see, but I'm wearing two half wigs which was an experiment. One half wig is the norm for me, but I was inspired by Myrreli to attempt larger hair. I placed a Cyperous piece on top of a Prisila one, but I still need some practice stacking and securing them because they kept sliding around.
After the festival, a group of friends and I attempted to go get some drinks, but the cafe we picked had just closed. They were really nice and gave us some free ice tea and allowed us to hang out in the front of their place for a few hours.
I like free stuff.
Then, I headed to dinner to meet up with Sora from NOLA since he was in town for a concert. I hadn't seen him in years!
 Also crepes. And food and friendship in general. 💖💖💖
We ate too much. Fun fact: I got a discount on the crepe because the cashier liked my outfit. Thank you, man, I liked my outfit, too. Rarely do I feel like a princess in lolita, but the long skirts of femme aristocrat make me feel extremely regal. It's a nice feeling. Definitely channeled some inner Hizaki and Kaya queen vibes that day. It was a pleasant day hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in awhile. Until next time!

MechaCon 2017 Japanese Fashion Programming Announcements: Round 2

Jul 25, 2017

MechaCon will be held in New Orleans, LA on July 28-30, 2017. The J-Fashion staff for MechaCon once again brings another year of exciting programming. Following up from MechaCon's fashion announcements part 1, here's the last of the announcements for MechaCon 2017. Model applications are now closed and tea party tickets are sold out since the con is just a few days away, but these last few announcements are some of the most exciting!

First up, galaxxxy will be the headlining brand in this year’s show!
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion Show ☆ galaxxxy ☆✦☆
galaxxxy is a Japanese fashion brand, influenced by a scattered virtual world of past and future music, anime, streetwear, and net culture. Founded in 2008 by Hiromi Kishii, galaxxxy has grown to be a beloved brand in the J-Fashion world, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, anime, manga & video gaming. Now galaxxxy is spreading outside Japan, with the goal of sharing our fun, colorful, and energetic world with everyone across the globe!
galaxxxy: OHP | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Second, Baby Ponytail will be one of the featured brands in the fashion show along with having pieces for sale at the J-fashion booth in the dealer’s room.
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion ☆ Baby Ponytail ☆✦☆
Baby Ponytail is a British Lolita label that was founded in 2014. Inspired by the love for nature, fairy tales, baroque elements and antique porcelain dolls, the label trusts its own imagination to create clothes for girls with dreams.
Baby Ponytail: OHP | Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram

Third, Mossbadger will be another participating brands in this year’s show!
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion Show ☆ Mossbadger ☆✦☆
Mossbadger produces limited edition garments, accessories and textiles that are hand-silkscreened in Chicago and digitally printed by Spoonflower. Mossbadger's prints are influenced by symbology, folklore, history, and magic (and sometimes cats).
Mossbadger: OHP | Webshop | Facebook

Fourth, Minty Mix will be featured in the fashion show. Don’t be caught being a MintyMess! Local designer Kammie Pomeranian (MintyMix) will have handmade jewelry, cotton candy accessories, cosmic rings, and specialty wigs for sale at Artist Alley booth #310.
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion Show ☆ MintyMix & Kammie Pomeranian! ☆✦☆
Kammie Pomeranian is a cute culture advocate from New Orleans who finds creative outlet through her passion for everything cute. Her first Mechacon was the inauguration in 2005, and she has tabled in the Mechacon artist alley ever since! Starting with fluffy handmade hats, her brand Minty Mix has grown into a sugary, colorful wig and DIY accessories brand. She believes in encouraging others to be free to share their passions for the things they love through what they choose to wear, create, and collect. Her favorite mediums include sculpture, accessory designing, and small item photography.
New designs from Minty Mix will be showcased in the J-fashion show at Mechacon! Don't miss it!
MintyMix: OHP | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

The last few announcements will be remote vendors. You'll be able to see and buy their items at vendors booth TT.

First, introducing Voodooodolly!
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion ☆ vending announcement ☆✦☆
VooDoooDolly creates Gothic and Lolita accessories catering towards those with darker and more daring sensibilities. Some of the many themes and inspirations seen throughout Voodooodolly are dark folk magic, macabre curiosities, religious iconography, and fashion from times gone by. Each accessory is created by hand, one at a time with the upmost care for uniqueness and quality. Materials are sourced from local, recycle, and vintage resource to make sure that the impact of each piece maintains a responsible carbon footprint.

Established in 2011, VoodoooDolly has recently expanded into overseas fashion events and maintains product in the Japanese Lolita fashion store, Atelier Pierrot. Along with providing new and unique handmade items to the Lolita fashion community, VoodoooDolly has also started hosting panels and workshops at anime and j-fashion convention. these events have had very positive feedback from both attendees and the event hosts. Involvement with the fashion community through these events brings in business and appreciation from attendees.
Voodooodolly: OHP | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr

Next, ATELIER PIERROT will be remote vending at MechaCon's J-fashion booth.
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion ☆ vending announcement ☆✦☆
ATELIER PIERROT is a Gothic Lolita brand. Their brand is characterized by flowing chiffon layers and prints of secret cats. ATELIER PIERROT creates and sells Classical Lolita and Elegant Gothic Lolita designs, with styles ranging from exquisite gothic tastes to elegant Rococo influence.
ATELIER PIERROT: OHP | Webshop | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Lastly, LISTEN FLAVOR stock will be available for purchase at booth TT in the Vendors Market.
☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion ☆ vending announcement ☆✦☆
In 2006, LISTEN FLAVOR was created to deliver “Kawaii” to the girls around the world from Harajuku, where fashion conscious youth gather. Since then, the brand has been influenced and inspired by a variety of pop cultures surrounding Harajuku such as video games, animation, and manga. The brand’s “Kawaii” philosophy fused with pop culture finally has become its own unique fashion style. Now the brand has grown and is loved by fans of Japanese “Kawaii” culture around the world. Past collaborations include the Danganronpa series, SHOW BY ROCK!!, and various Sanrio characters.
LISTEN FLAVOR: OHP | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Wow, so many announcements, but it doesn't end there! You can check out the complete fashion programming and list of wonderful sponsors for the tea party on the MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion Programming News event page. The latest news and any last minute changes will be posted to the event page.

Sadly, I can't be at MechaCon in person, but it will definitely be a great weekend since I've seen the staff work incredibly hard to bring together such diverse programming. I look forward to seeing everyone's pictures!

MechaCon: OHP | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Reddit

MechaCon 2017 Japanese Fashion Programming Announcements: Round 1

Jul 5, 2017

MechaCon will be held in New Orleans, LA on July 28-30, 2017. The J-Fashion staff for MechaCon once again brings another year of exciting programming.

The guest of honor is none other than the world’s most pink creator, Kimura U!
☆✦☆ ☆*:.。. MechaCon 2017 J-fashion special guest Kimura U。.:*☆☆✦☆
The world’s most pink creator, Kimura U (木村優 ), is known around the globe as a fashion creator, model, and voice actress.

Kimura U was appointed an official Kawaii Ambassador by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the mission of promoting Japanese pop culture through Harajuku fashion and anime. She has since appeared at more than 10 countries around the world as part of the Ministry’s Cool Japan program, including the US, Russia, and China.

Her first original publication “1st STYLE BOOK – Kimura U” was an instant hit, featuring her original concept of “Moehara,” combining “Moe” (meaning cute, from otaku fandom) with “Hara” (short for Harajuku).

In 2016, Kimura U created the Kawaii version of the official NHK mascot character Domo-Kun, as well as garnered attention for her costume designs for the popular idol group Wasuta (The World Standard). She also made her voice acting debut in the anime “Idol Memories” and successfully performed in China.

In 2017, Kimura U unveiled her new fashion brand KawaiiHolic, which gained many fans with the slogan of “Quitting Kawaii is the same as dying.” The world’s most pink creator and shining star of Harajuku is unstoppable!
Kimura U will be presenting a Q&A session with the featured brands. Don't miss your chance to talk to her!

Kimura U: Blog | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

☆✦☆ MechaCon 2017 J-Fashion Show ☆ Journey through the Cosmos! ☆✦☆
MechaCon will be holding a 2-in-1 fashion show. That's right, two fashion fashion shows for twice the magic. The theme for the 2017 fashion show is Journey Through the Cosmos!
Calling all Lolitas! We want you to come and show off your biggest and brightest outfits for MechaCon this year! It’s the grand return of the community fashion show! We want to encourage all Lolitas, whether you are local or coming in from out of town, to apply to be a part of this show! We want the flashiest, the biggest, the scariest, the coolest, the most elegant, the cutest- we want it all! Go big or go home!

In addition to the opening community show, we will be also be hosting a multi-brand J-fashion show. Brands TBA.
Applications for each fashion show are due by July 15.

☆✦☆ ☆*:.。. MechaCon 2017 J-fashion Under the Milky-way Tea Party。.:*☆☆✦☆
The tea party will be held on Sunday July 30, 2017. This year's theme is Under the Milky Way!
Calling all star sleuths, Martian maniacs and Astro adventurers! Please join us at MechaCon’s fourth annual tea party for an extra special starry soiree- Under the Milky Way! It is guaranteed to be an out of this world occasion with delicious snacks, exciting games, and a host of giveaways and prizes! Kimura U will also be joining us for our space spectacular! She’s incredibly psyched to see all of your cosmic coordinates! Tickets will be sold online until we are sold out. J-fashion is required for the tea party. Cosplay not allowed.
The artist Aini was commissioned for the tea party's promotional image. Tea party attendees will receive 11"x17" print of the artwork as a gift from the J-fashion staff.
Painting by Aini
About the artist: Virginia Hilton is a self-taught artist from Germany. Tired of living like a Fairy Tale character in the Bavarian forest of Germany she decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in gaming, art, and localization. Her background has inspired her to create fanciful multimedia art pieces. Her artistic visions culminate in a variety of mediums: digital and traditional paintings, as well as ribbon embroidery, or vintage treasure making. Her favorite things include cats, frilly dresses, and flowers. Which, incidentally, are also her favorite things to draw and work with.
The original painting will be on display and a part of the charity silent auction at the tea party.

A silent charity auction will be held at the Under the Milky-way tea party. All proceeds from this year’s Charity Auction will be going to Buildings for America’s Bravest.
Building for America’s Bravest is a program of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation that builds smart homes for our most catastrophically injured service members returning home. Each home is custom designed to address the unique needs of each individual. Energy efficient, automated and easily accessible—these homes use “adaptive technology” to help our most severely injured heroes live better, more independent lives.
However, as amazing as adaptive home technology is, it’s far beyond the reach of most veterans and their modest pensions. The waiting list is long – and for every home we build, another three veterans join the list. When the call came, these brave service members went. They made extraordinary sacrifices in our place. Please help give them a home they can come home to. Your donation will make a real difference in a service hero’s life.

Tea party tickets can be purchased here. Tickets are already halfway sold out, so get yours today before they sell out!

Aini: OHP | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | YouTube | Twitch | Patreon

In addition, MechaCon will also be hosting a swap meet and gifting pool with more to come. Keep up with the latest news about MechaCon on their J-fashion programming news event page.

MechaCon: OHP | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Google+ | YouTube | Reddit

2017 Summer Sales

Jun 30, 2017

Brands participating in summer sales season for 2017

Ouji and Aristocrat Sewing Patterns and Tutorials List

May 16, 2017

This list contains sewing patterns suitable for formal boystyle, specifically ouji and aristocrat. For lolita sewing pattern lists, please refer to F Yeah Lolita and Miss Carol Belle's Lolita Fashion Sewing and Pattern Archive. For sewing help, please refer to Sew Loli or Lolita Sewing Collective

(List is still in progress) 


Gosu Rori

Patterns are in Japanese.
  • Vol. 1
    #08 double breasted swallowtail jacket
    #10 gothic coat OP
    #11 sleeveless punk blouse, long layered skirt
    #13-14 punk blouse, neck tie, skirt, breeches, arm band, tie
  • Vol. 3
    #14 bat collar blouse with jabot
    #15 above knee and mid-calf breeches
    #17 punk skirt belted pants
    #18 punk sleeveless swallowtail blouse
    #43 sweet/classic square collar blouse with sausage sleeves
    #44 pleated front bell sleeves blouse
    #46 frill long sleeve blouse, visual kei bondage pants
    #47 mini crown
  • Vol. 4
    #01 bat capelet and mantle
    #09 tie, and front zipper pants
    #10 punk blouse with lace trims
    #11 sweet capelet and peter pan collar long sleeve blouse
    #14 short necktie
    #15 mini hat
    #33 sailor parka and sailor breeches
    #36 pleated collar blouse
    #41 BJD punk chain shirt, bondage pants
  • Vol. 5
    #04-05 punk sleeveless blouse, asymmetric skirt, bondage pants
    #09 gothic long coat
    #49 mini hat
    #51 bell sleeves blouse
    #52 corset-back vest
    #53 aristocrat long skirt
  • Vol. 15
    #17 side flare blouse
    #18 pleated frill jabot
    #19 short pants
    #20 ribbon mini hat
    #21 bow tie
    #22 cuff sleeve frill blouse
    #23 suspender breeches
    #24 jacket with hood
    #25 punk zipper belt long pants
    #33 punk breeches

Gothic & Lolita Bible

Patterns are in Japanese. 

Otome no Sewing/ 乙女のソ-イング/Sewing Book of Girls

Patterns are in Japanese. Come in S, M, and L size. Each book contains 20+ patterns and a few tutorials.
Extra links: size reference/sewing advice | overviews of books with pictures | resizing patterns tutorial
  • Book 1
    #01 juliette sleeve peter pan collar blouse
    #10 short sleeve high collar yoke blouse
    #27 frilly juliette sleeve blouse with bow tie
  • Book 2
    #01 long sleeve bow tie blouse
    #08 mini pom pom beret
    #09 cape with pockets
    #10 round collar capelet
    #25 hooded capelet
  • Book 3
    #01 long sleeve peter pan collar blouse with bow tie
    #11 short sleeve peter pan collar blouse
    #14 wrist cuffs
    #15 mini sailor hat
  • Book 4
    #01 frilly high neck collar bell sleeves blouse
    #04 short capelet
    #13 ruffle bloomers (can be adapted to pants)
    #22 long sleeve blouse with back shirring
    #26 mini top hat
    #27 short capelet
    #28 suspender short pants
  • Book 5
    #01 long sleeve peter pan collar blouse with bow tie
    #08 short sleeve blouse with bow tie
    #14 corset-style bodice
    #37 sailor beret
    #38 short sleeve sailor OP (can be shortened to a blouse)
  • Book 6
    #05 echarpe
    #10 long sleeve bow tie blouse
    #15 boater hat
    #17 long capelet
    #18 suspender knee length short pants
    #27 sweet jacket with heart pockets
    #30 coat with detachable capelet
    #36 sweet jacket with heart pockets and fur trim
  • Book 7
    #02 long sleeve peter pan collar blouse
    #10 detachable yoke with bowtie
    #29 long sleeve peter pan collar blouse
    #34 sailor cutsew
    #36 beret
  • Book 8
    #03 fur stole
    #05 detachable sleeves/arm warmers
    #09 corset cummerbund
    #10 wrist cuffs
    #14 capelet
    #15 long sleeve peter pan collar blouse
    #16 suspender breeches
    #17 mini hat
    #29 mid-length cape
    #30 jabot blouse
    #31 suspender breeches
    #39 long sleeve bowtie blouse
    #46 mid-length cape
  • Book 9
  • Book 10

Commercial Sewing Patterns

Commercial patterns come in multiple sizes and are readily available to most areas. They will usually have to be modified to fit the ouji aesthetic.
  • Burda2459 Men's Pirate & Casanova
    2461 Children's Prince & Mozart
    2471 Napoleon Men's jacket, vest, pants
    2767 History 1848 Men's coats, vest, pants
    6871 Mens Wear, Sports Wear
  • ButterickB5687 Misses' Cape, Jacket, Skirt and Pants
    B6108 Shawl Collar Jackets, Bibs and Skirt
    B6255 Misses' Oversized Collar Coats
    B6340 Men's Banded Jacket, Breeches and Jodhpurs
    B6339 Men's Single or Double-Breasted Vests
    B6400 Misses' Boned, Back-Pleat Jackets
    B6433 Misses' Banded Jacket, Jodphurs, and Breeches
  • McCall'sM4139 Misses'/Men's Lined and Unlined Cape Costumes
    M4321 Men's Shawl Collar Vests, Bow Tie and Cummerbund
    M6228 Misses'/Men's Lined Button-Front Vests
    M6770 Ruffled Jacket, Bustle, Skirt and Pants
    M6800 Misses'/Miss Petite Flared Coats, Belt and Detachable Collar/Hood
    M6818 Floor-Length Coats, Capelet, Cape, Necklace and Dickey
    M7003 Men's Notch Collar Coat, Vest, Pants and Tie
    M7023 Misses' Low-Cut Vests
    M7140 Misses' Ruffled Jacket, Skirt and Tournure
    M7256 Misses' Ruffled Coats
    M7335 Hats in Five Styles
    M7374 Men's Collared and Seamed Coats
    M7399 Single or Double-Breasted Vests and Flat-Front Pants
    M7456 Seamed Jacket, Stirrup Leggings and Cape
    M7457 Men's Embellished Jacket, Pull-On Pants and Cravat
    M7513 Misses' Notch-Collar, Peplum Jackets
    M7555 Underbust, Corset-Style Vests
    M7585 Men's Three-Quarter-Length Coat and Vest Costume
    M7616 Misses' Lined Costume Vest and Jacket with Shaped Front and Back Hemlines
  • Simplicity
    1039 Men's Cosplay Costumes
    3677 Misses' Pirate Costumes
    4923 Men's Costumes (Pirate)
    5794 Misses' Capes
    8075 Misses' Steampunk Costumes
    8235 Men's Cosplay Costume Pattern
    8361 Hats in Three Sizes
    8408 Men's Shirt and Vests
    8263 Misses' Capes and Capelets
    EA251701 Men's Cape Coat
    EA258101 Miss and men's costume coat
  • Vintage

Miscellaneous Tutorials

Found a pattern to add to the list? Comment below and I'll add it in!
Disclaimer: I am not a seamstress.

The New Ouji Overview Part 1: Terminology

Apr 18, 2017

lolita (left), ouji (right)


After several years of putting off the original Ouji Overview, I decided to start from scratch with a new and improved Ouji Overview! I hope you find this version more in-depth, but I've left the old one up if you prefer to read that one instead.

What Is Ouji?

Ouji/ouji-sama/王子, literally "prince" in Japanese, is the more masculine clothing style that is often associated with lolita fashion. Dresses aren't your thing? Don't worry, even if the style is more masculine, it can be worn by all genders. Ouji includes a wide variety of looks often combining pirate, punk, cute, and/or gothic elements.

Synonymous style terms include:
-ouji style
-prince style

Or it can be referred to as the all encompassing terms:
-boystyle/boys style
-men's style

Ouji style is based on the menswear mainly from the historic eras of the 18th and 19th centuries and adds a modern, fanciful details to it. The most important element of an ouji outfit is pants. Like lolita, there is a wide variety of substyles and themes which I will go into detail in later parts.

varieties of ouji

Why Not Kodona?

Though the term "kodona" is widely used in the online international communities, "kodona" is not the proper term for the style. The term kodona has previously been sourced from a Gothic & Lolita Bible interview with Plastic Tree's vocalist Ryutaro to describe his personal style. However, this is incorrect. I asked several fluent Japanese readers to read the interview and according to them the word kodona does not even appear in the spread. Nobody really knows why the international community latched onto the word kodona.
Ryutaro's interview from Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 1
The origin of kodona is still unknown to this day. Googling any variation of 大人 (otona) + 子供 (kodomo) will fetch zero relevant results. If you were to go to Japan and ask a lolita off the street about kodona fashion, most likely they would have no idea what you are talking about. We've even asked brand designers in person and they don't know what kodona means. Alice and the Pirates designer Tomomi Nakamura, also known as Cathy, refers to the style either as men's style or ouji style. The term kodona doesn't translate well into English either. It would be the equivalent of calling yourself an adult child which has negative connotation.


Some terms and abbreviations often seen in online communities.
AATP: abbreviation for the brand "Alice and the Pirates", one of the more popular brands for ouji items; Japanese equivalent “A/P” or “A&P”
BPN: abbreviation for the brand "BLACK PEACE NOW"
CC: abbreviation for “Closet Child”, a second-hand Lolita store
CoF: abbreviation for “Closet of Frills”, a Facebook group that is the most active place to post coordinates
community: a group of people having the same interest, in-person or online; often abbreviated to “comm”
coordinate: an outfit; often abbreviated to “coord” or “code (コーデ)”
DS: abbreviation for "direct sale"
EGA: abbreviation for "elegant gothic aristocrat" which refers to one line of Moi Meme Moitie
gay: 基佬 "ji lao" slang for what the Chinese call ouji, this is the most common term on Taobao; sometimes seen as handsome gay 帥基 "shuai ji"
GL&B: abbreviation for the publication "Gothic & Lolita Bible"
IW: abbreviation for the brand "Innocent World"
Mbok: Japanese auctions site; short for “mobile auction” because the site is primarily accessed on a phone
MmM: abbreviation for the brand "Moi-Meme-Moitie"
ouji accessory: joke term from this video
OTT: abbreviation for “over the top”
PT: abbreviation for "pants"
SS: abbreviation for "shopping service", someone you pay to buy something for you
Taobao: a Chinese marketplace similar to Amazon where one can buy items from individual shops
WTB: abbreviation for "wanting to buy"
WTS: abbreviation for "wanting to sell"
WTT: abbreviation for "wanting to trade"
WW: abbreviation for the secondhand shop "Wunderwelt"
Y!J: abbreviation for “Yahoo!Japan” auctions

Related Styles

Boystyle is an umbrella term for multiple styles, ouji included. All ouji is boystyle, but not all boystyle is ouji. If ouji isn't your taste, try checking out some of these related styles.


Lolita fashion is the "sister" style to ouji. Despite being very similar to each other, ouji is not considered lolita because lolita dresses are defined by the silhouette of wearing a petticoat. It is incorrect to refer to ouji style as "ouji lolita/kodona lolita/boy lolita" or "brolita" because no petticoats are used in ouji.


Mana in femme aristocrat (left) and homme aristocrat (right)
The terms ouji and (gothic) aristocrat are used interchangeably with each other, often incorrectly. While they both share eras of influence, the former adds fantasy and child-like fun to a vest and knickerbockers, while the latter aims to be more historically accurate with a mature elegant feeling. There are femme and homme versions of aristocrat. Information in this ouji guide can be applied to masculine aristocrat as well.

Gothic/Punk/Visual Kei

Visual kei band Versailles wearing costumes designed by Alice and the Pirates
The gothic and punk subcultures are well-known, so I won't bother explaining them here. The Japanese goth and punk aesthetic puts a softer and/or more elegant spin on the styles due to cultural differences and the influence of kawaii culture.
I'll liberally mention visual kei here as well since most of it has gothic and punk influences, only bolder for stage purposes. Visual kei is an overall bold look with large emphasis on styling hair and makeup. It is not uncommon to see ouji clothing used in visual kei or visual kei styling elements used in ouji style.
  • Resources: None that I would recommend. Just look at a band you like and take inspiration. 


     “Neo Classical Goth” Harajuku Style by Tokyo Fashion
    Dandyism started in the 18th century originating in the Western hemisphere. A very simplified  definition for dandy is a formally and fashionably dressed individual. The look of a dandy changes as fashion evolves. To a small degree, some forms of ouji can be considered a minor form of dandyism.


    Dansou model ROOT modeling ouji style for Alice and the Pirates
    Dansou is not a specific clothing style, but the action of a person, usually female, crossdressing as a male in a strictly fashionable sense. The goal is to pass as male, so non-clothing elements such as makeup, hair, and posing need extra attention. Dansou can wear ouji style, but not all oujis are dansou.

    Want to mix and match all of these things? No problem, there will be overlaps. Style is limitless, so don't get too worked up with labeling yourself.

      Additional Ouji Resources

      ← Table of Contents  |   Part 2 →

      Coordinates 14-19

      Apr 10, 2017

      These are actually old coords from the latter part of 2016. My posts are really out of chronological order and I don't think that's going to be fixed any time soon, ha...


      This is the whole coordinate from my Dream Holic review. I coincidentally ran into the end of a cosplay meetup at the local mall.
      Hair clips: ? taobao brand - it's been a few years and there's no tag, so I forgot the name of the store
      Cutsew: KOKOKIM Fall in Chocolate Turtleneck
      Salopette: Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate Salopette
      Wrist Cuffs: Pumpkin Cat Eat Chocolate Gain Weight Wrist Cuffs
      Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Torchon Lace OTKs
      Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Clara Boots


      Blouse: Atelier Boz Aife Blouse
      Vest: Atelier Boz Edmund Sleeveless Jacket
      Pants: Alice and the Pirates Wide Pants
      Shoes: Na+H Platform Boots


      I love gothic aristocrat with long skirts. Unfortunately, it's hard for me to wear often because the skirts from most brands are too long on me even with 4+ inch platforms on. Because it's a tripping hazard on me, I'm selling this gorgeous bustle skirt on my LaceMarket!
      Jacket: Atelier Boz Kreios Short Jacket
      Blouse: Atelier Boz Halphas Frill Blouse
      Corset: Na+H Bone Short Corset
      Skirt: Atelier Boz Reveur Long Skirt
      Accessories: Atelier Boz glasses chain, official Bayonetta glasses, Na+H butterfly brooch


      What I changed into from #16, so I wouldn't fall on my face outdoors.
      Jacket: Atelier Boz Gilford Swallowtail Jacket
      JSK: Moi Meme Moitie Divine Cross Print JSK
      Necklace: Moss Marchen Rosary
      Tights: offbrand
      Shoes: offbrand


      Blouse: Sheglit Frill Blouse with Jabot
      Jacket: Atelier Boz Gerard Rider Jacket
      Skirt: BLACK PEACE NOW asymmetrical lace skirt
      Tights: offbrand
      Shoes: offbrand


      The more I look at this picture, the more I don't like it. Turns out the fit of the jacket is too large on me, but the cape part is so cool that I don't want to part with it...tough decisions.
      Hat: Corgi-Corgi Police Hat
      Jacket: EXCENTRIQUE Spencer Cape Jacket
      Blouse: Lapin Agill
      Pants: offbrand
      Belt: Alice and the Pirates Buckle Belt
      Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Roll-top Long Boots

      [Scans] Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Post Cards

      Mar 31, 2017

      Scans are for personal use only. Please support the original source if possible! Credit is nice if reposting.
      Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
      Model: Midori Fukasawa
      Featured items:  Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic of Scent Cologne JSK + OTKs, Fall in Love Lace Bonnet Headdress + Lace Up Blouse, Antique Ribbon Shoes
      Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
      Model: SELEN
      Featured items: Kumya-chan's Ribbon Ribbon C'est Bon Belle Journée JSK I + OTKs, Kumya-chan Fur Headdress, Ribbon C'est Bon Blouse, Antique Ribbon Shoes, Usakumya Pochette
      Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
      Model: Midori Fukasawa
      Featured items: Bambi de la forêt ~Petite Princesse de la forêt~ JSK II + Ribbon Head Bow + OTKs, Secret Forest Blouse, Mignon Petit Bambi Headband, Victoire Shoes

      New and Improved Lolibrary Coming Soon

      Mar 17, 2017

      A new and improved Lolibrary is on its way!

      For those of you who don't know, Lolibrary is a volunteer created database of lolita items, first started in 2010. Their mission is to provide our members with the means to share and archive records of Lolita fashion, including not only historic information on clothes and accessories but user generated content like true measurements, worn photos, ratings, reviews, and comments. Lolibrary cares deeply about Lolita fashion and wanted to revolutionize the way Lolitas get the information they need to learn more about the fashion, make informed buying choices, or to find their dream dress.

      As an active contributor, I caught a few sneak peeks of what's going on behind the scenes. The team has been working incredibly hard for months to completely rehaul the site. The user interface is now much cleaner. I'm most excited about the tiled view which has been requested by popular demand for so long.

      The hilight feature will be the incredibly powerful search bar. The upgrade will also fix the site stability issues that have been occurring in the past few months. The ETA for the new site is very soon; the current wait is for all images to finish transferring and some bug fixes to be made. Fun fact: the database is currently holding almost 1 million images.

      It's undeniable that Lolibrary is one of the top resources for lolita fashion fans. While the migration is happening, the home page will redirect to this lovely splash page. If you love using Lolibrary, consider sending in a donation today! Donations will be used to offset the server costs, so the archive can stay up. Alternatively, if you can't donate, consider contributing items to the database when the site re-launches. The new site will continuously be updated and we have more features to be added in the future, so look forward to it!

      * If you are a developer with experience with Laravel (5.4) who wants to help out, please message the Lolibrary Facebook page to be invited to the developer group.

      The Shop Company Female Rolling Display Dress Form Review

      Feb 8, 2017

      I've been window shopping for a dress form for ages, so I decided to finally buy one. The past dress forms I used had a problem with leaning and could only display dresses and blouses because there was only one hole. I needed a dress form that can display on pants since I wear and sell a lot of ouji style.

      The Shop Company caught my eye because of their sleek website out of the various results I found through Google. Upon further research, I found some positive sponsored reviews about their professional dress forms, but I am not a professional seamstress, so that didn't help me, but they did influence my decision to try out their display form which I couldn't find any reviews on. The wheels convinced me to try it out since I won't have to carry it across the house, so here I am writing this review about The Shop Company's female display form. I have been using this dress form for about 2 months and this is not a sponsored review.
      stock photo
      I ordered the White Female Dressform on Black Metal Rolling Base with the options:
      • torso: crotch
      • base: black
      • color: white
      • size: small
      front, right, back, and left views
      I went with size small since they are closest to my actual measurements since I was worried that the x-small would be too small that my pants would slide off. The measurements for the small crotch base are listed as:
      • bust: 34 inches
      • waist: 24 inches
      • hip: 33 inches
      • height: 4.5-6 feet
      I took measurements of the one I received and added a few additional measurements. The bust, waist, and hip are very close to the official measurements.
      • bust: 33.5 inches
      • waist: 25 inches
      • hip: 33.5 inches
      • height: 4.5-6.5 feet
      • neck circumference: 14 inches
      • shoulder width: 15 inches
      • length (top of shoulder to bottom of leg): 24 inches
      • length (top of cap to bottom of leg): 27 inches
      The price is $109.00 plus shipping. Shipping is free for orders over $49, so my order was eligible for free shipping.

      My Gothic & Lolita Wardrobe 2017

      Feb 2, 2017

      Here marks the fifth year of my closet's evolution with some product placement for Daiya no Ace.

      Past years' posts: 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013

      So in the last few years I wasn't able to get a complete post done in time, but I tried this year! This is everything branded (major and indie) and whatever else I wanted to show, but I might have forgotten some things (sorry friends). Does not include offbrand aka things found in normie stores. Unfortunately, no graph for this year, sorry!


      I'm coming out of my closet (lol get it) and finally showing my secret sweet lolita side. I just really like ice cream, okay. I found myself buying more lolita this year because I couldn't be arsed to wear ouji.


      Angelic Pretty Milky Planet Salopette
      Angelic Pretty Colorful Sherbet Salopette - Osaka and Sannomiya limited
      Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate Salopette

      MAXICIMAM Rainbow Color Magic Secret Magical Jumper
      Atelier Boz Harmonia Harmony JSK
      Atelier Boz Yulianna JSK

      Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern JSK
      Metamorphose Braid Tuck Pinafore JSK - Kamen Rider collab
      Moi Meme Moitie Divine Cross JSK - Sendai limited