Buttcape x My Lolita Style

Jan 26, 2013

Somehow, I managed to delete all of the comments that have been posted, sorry! I'm still getting used to this blogging thing, but I am proud to announce a collaboration with

My Lolita Style is a lolita community and forum based in Mexico. They contacted me saying they would like to translate this blog in Spanish! I think that's pretty exciting. I did take 3 years of Spanish class, but my Spanish skills are still rather limited. You are welcome to comment in Spanish though!

Me tomó 3 años de clase españoles, pero las habilidades españolas son todavía limitados. ¡Le invitamos a comentar en español aunque!

Also, I made a button. It makes me remember why I quit graphic design. To end this post, here's a coordinate from a few days ago. I was thinking about how sometimes I miss old school lolita, so I decided to wear old school ouji. 

blouse: Dear Celine
vest: offbrand
jabot, pants: Innocent World
socks: Angelic Pretty
boots: bodyline
purse: Midolfi

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  1. Oh This is really cool! :D Congrats! I love your pics and style ^^
    I don't speak spanish, but portuguese, sometimes is easy to understand XD