Birthday Haul 2018

Oct 16, 2018

It's my birthday month, 10/27 to be exact, so here's a totally self-indulgent update with everything I bought for myself.

h.NAOTO Dragon Birdcage JSK
MALICIOUS.X Creature Bag
Nike Air Jordan Wmns RE LO NS NRG Black
Unintentionally I bought a whole coord. I've been interested in MALICIOUS.X products since they are very artistic and look well-crafted. Of course, right after I ordered, they announced they are having a Halloween sale for 10% off. Unfortunate timing for me. Then I saw h.NAOTO make one dragon version of their iconic birdcage dress. The bird cage dress is my all-time favorite design of Naoto's and I never owned one. I had a variation the skirt, but it wasn't quite the same. Plus I am a sucker for dragon leather anything he puts out. Two of my favorite things in one item, how could I say no? The sneakers were a complete accidental find though. My sister wanted to go to the Nike clearance store I stumbled upon these. It's so funny because they match h.NAOTO's dragon stuff perfectly. The retail price is ~$160 and I copped them for $28! They're really comfortable.

This post didn't really have much, but need to tell myself that not every post I write needs to contain a significant amount info. I believe that's why I've been burned out on blogging for the last 1.5 years. Remember to take it easy with your hobbies otherwise they stop being fun!