About the Blogger

Yo, I'm Stephano or more commonly known as Buttcape. I'm based near Houston, TX. My hobbies include eating, watching anime, looking at cute animal pictures, and keeping up with Japanese alternative fashions.

My current obsession is the series Daiya no Ace/ダイヤのA.

Birthday: 10/27
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
Height: 155 cm
Favorite food: ice cream
Favorite series: Daiya no Ace  ♦  JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ♦  Tiger & Bunny

My Style

My personal style includes a mix of gothic ouji, and lolita fashions with a tiny splash of visual kei influences. On lazy days, I just wear toned down punk.

I was introduced to lolita fashion around 2007 thanks to the band Versailles Philharmonic Quintet. I believe I started wearing it in the 2007-08. The exact year is unclear because I technically started with a terrible Halloween costume, but my memory is fuzzy. Because I never really wore dresses or skirts prior to lolita, I felt more comfortable in pants, so I got into ouji and aristocrat styles.

Favorite brands: Alice and the Pirates  ♦  Na+H  ♦  Atelier Boz  ♦  Sheglit  
Favorite band: Matenrou Opera
Favorite colors: blue, black

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