Meeting Kate

Jan 28, 2015

Rouge Aerie Designs' designer Kate was passing through town last week and I finally had the chance to meet her! Kate was actually one of the first lolitas I ever talked to, and she gave me a lot of advice when I was first starting out. I was really young and didn't have a car back then, so I never had the chance to go to meetups before she moved to Australia, but now I can finally say I met my senpai.

My charm point of this coordinate was the Rouge Aerie Nephelai Choker in the cloudless colorway. I impulse bought the cloudless color during a group order because blue is my favorite color (surprise, it's not black). I don't actually own any blue pieces of clothing, so I matched the white and gold.

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I made a mostly light lolita coord in the past, but I finally made a light ouji coord that I'm happy with!  We planned on watching a movie, but it sold out by the time we got there. Instead, we spent the night strolling around Chinatown. Our time was short, but I hope to meet her again in the near future!

Jacket: Atelier Boz Eternity Roland Jacket
Blouses: Dear Celine , Sheglit
Pants: offbrand
Tights: offbrand
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille lace knee socks
Shoes: Alice and the Pirates Clara Short Boots
Corsage: uF
Choker: Rouge Aerie Designs Nephelai
Rosary: Forever21
Belt: offbrand
Rings: Forever21 x2, Alice and the Pirates A/P Logo Ring

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  1. Wow, that coordinate is actually stunning. Kate is awesome, I've chatted to her online a couple of times. I wish you both luck at the Nightfall event.