Metamorphose Spring and Summber Heartbeat Going Out Contest

May 29, 2014

Long time no post. As mentioned on my previous post, I took a blogging hiatus. I think I will end it soon, so thank you for your patience.

Today I wanted to say I entered the newest coordinate contest of Metamorphose. I'm wearing a dress, so you know I'm serious!! If you would like to vote for it, you can press "like" over on their official facebook; my entry is right over here~

There are so many more entries compared to the last contest! You usually don't see many worn photos of Meta, so it's very pleasing to see so many.

Coordinate rundown:
Headbow: Royal Rabbit
JSK: Metamorphose Chambray Bustier-like Pinafore JSK
Cutsew: Putumayo Toy March Cutsew
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sleeping Beauty Princess OTKs
Parasol: Metamorphose Happy Cake
Wristcuffs: Bodyline
Belt: Putumayo (Pretty Pretty) Pearl Chain Belt
Corsage: Putumayo
Choker: Alice and the Pirates x Hizaki collaboration
Shoes: offbrand

Usually, I take my outfit shots with my tripod and camera timer, but this time I asked my sister to help me with photos, so it wouldn't take me forever to get a good shot. Since the theme was literally "going out," I thought it would be better to actually go outside to get pictures. Originally, I was going to wear a long-sleeved blouse, but it's already too hot and humid in Texas. This Putumayo cutsew is currently one of my favorite tops since I can wear it with lolita, ouji, and casual clothes. Here are a few more pictures I liked:


  1. haha how do you hear about these contests? By the time I see it on Facebook, it's too late and I can't submit anything. Do they mention looking for submissions on their many email newsletters?

    1. They send out the first notice in their newsletter, but they usually send it in Japanese only, so it's really easy to be overlooked ^^; This time they posted it on their facebook, but they're still not very good at it (they only posted an English translation about 3 days before the deadline).

  2. Hey, did they already contact you about what you won? I saw you made 2nd place :)