The New Ouji Overview

The Ouji Overview is a general guide to ouji style based on years of my personal observations. It is written to help a beginner understand the overall feeling of the style. It's an outline not an absolute guide, so feel free to experiment with your own looks!

I started the original version in 2013, but never quite finished it. I decided to write a new fresh guide which will hopefully be a lot more helpful.

Though it's mainly ouji information, the same information can also be used for lolita and aristocrat since the styles do tend to overlap.

Table of Contents

    Part 2: Anatomy & Classification
    Part 4: The Head
    Part 5: The Torso
    Part 6: The Legs
    Part 7: Finishing Touches

The older version of the Ouji Overview can still be read here

Additional Ouji Resources

Ouji Armoire: Pictures. A lot of them.
Lolibrary: Database of items.
Lolita Updates: Follow for new releases.

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