The New Ouji Overview Part 3: Where to Buy

Mar 23, 2016

This list mainly includes clothing rather than accessories. Previous (and broken) version of this post can be seen here.

The spreadsheet is divided into 4 tabs: Brand, Indie Brands, Retailers, and Secondhand Shopping.

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Japanese brands are the main producers of ouji style clothing and is usually the most expensive option. Brand name clothing is not a requirement to dress like a prince! By default, brand is listed as lady's sizes unless otherwise noted. If you want to buy from a Japanese store that does not offer international shipping, you need to use a shopping service or mail forwarding service.

Indie Brands

There are also smaller independent brands out there that are cheaper than brand and still provide nice quality clothing. The quality of each indie brand varies, so check buyer reviews to ensure you are getting something you want. Taobao brands are included in this tab. If you want to buy from a taobao shop that does not offer international shipping, you need to use a taobao shopping service.


These are official distributors for brands. Depending on your location, it can be cheaper to order from the distributor than directly from the brand.


Buying secondhand can be the least expensive route of shopping. The established secondhand shops on the list are reliable, however when it comes to selling communities of individual sellers, always check feedback.

Other Sources

Of course, buying online is not the only option. You can often find prince-like clothing in many Gothic or punk stores. Every once in awhile, militaristic designs pop up in mainstream shops. You may be able to find something in historical reenactment, vintage, or thrift shops. Handsewing your own clothes is also a way to show creativity and skill!

Beginner Tips

When shopping for your wardrobe, there are several factors to influence your decision. The main two are price and quality. Ask yourself what you prioritize.

Do you prefer quality over quantity or vice versa? How often will you be wearing these clothes? If quality, gravitate towards brand. If quantity, indie and secondhand are your friends. Are you inside or outside the "standard" size range? If you are outside, custom sizing and tailoring may be in your interest.

Make a wishlist and stick to it. Narrowing your goal can help prevent impulse purchases in order to reach wardrobe cohesion. Cohesive wardrobes are the most efficient since you can create more combinations without having to buy new items every time you make a new coordinate.

For shops that do not ship overseas, use a shopping service. I recommend FROM JAPAN for Japanese shops and auctions. It's especially handy because you can use it to bid in real time for Yahoo!Japan. I do not have a preferred taobao shopping service, but this Taobao Shopping Services Guide spreadsheet is very comprehensive.

Happy shopping!

Please comment with any additions to be made in the spreadsheet. I do not follow taobao brands closely, so I most likely missed some.

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