Coordinate 04: Bluebonnets

Apr 20, 2016

These Sheglit socks are so detailed without making my legs looks too busy.
Every Texas spring brings bluebonnet season and it's a state tradition to take pictures with them. Despite living in Texas for all my life, I never got any pictures and I figured it was time to change that. I chose gothic lolita for a delicate look to match the flowers. Also, my real hair is a current mess, so I have been avoiding ouji for the last few months.

This field was a couple of miles away from my house. The sky was overcast when I was at home, but then the sun decided to come out the whole time we were getting pictures. Right when we were done, the clouds started moving and then blocked the sun. Thank you for nothing, clouds. Now for a full shot of the outfit which I posted on Closet of Frills earlier this month.

Outfit Rundown
Headband: Alice and the Pirates
JSK: Atelier Pierrot Long Corset OP
Blouse: Millefleurs Georgette
Socks: Sheglit Caged Ulysses OTKs
Shoes: offbrand
Parasol: offbrand

And finally here are some extra good old black-on-black detail shots. I've been getting into parts wigs lately because full wigs in humidity aren't a great combo. This hair piece is from Prisila and I think I need more. When I finally get a much needed haircut, maybe I will get back into ouji.

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