I Want to Be Chocolate Too

Dec 1, 2013

Way back when I first got interested in lolita fashion, I actually started out as a sweet lolita because of my sweet tooth. I quickly learned that the way of dresses wasn't working, so that's how I migrated to the more masculine styles. During that time there was a severe lack of information about ouji let alone sweet ouji.

The vision of sweet ouji has been in my head years; who knows how long, I've lost track of time. When the Chess Chocolate print was released, it was the sign to go. The main roadblock is figuring out how to work with border prints. Usually when brands decide to release print vests or pants, the prints are tiled prints rather than border prints. Border prints work in lolita because the skirt has a lot of fabric, but in ouji there's less fabric to work with unless the design is a big coat.

The first trial! I tried to avoid black for the longest time, but I gave up finding brown pants that would fit me. Of course, this isn't authentic, but I am interested in obtaining an original when my sewing skills improve. If I used an original at the skill level I am now, I'd only be left in a pile of fabric and tears.

Here's hoping I did alright for a first time.

Crown: spica (modified)
Jabot: Innocent World
Blouse: bodyline
Vest: Oo Jia
Wristcuffs: Pumpkin Cat
Sash: Black MiQuri
Star Clip: Chocomint
Bow: Royal Rabbit
Pants: Dear Celine
Belt: f21
Socks: Angelic Pretty + f21
Boots: bodyline

By the way, I also started ouji-specific twitter and a tumblr! On the twitter, I tweet about some purchases, secondhand/auction finds, and some daily toned down outfits. On tumblr, it basically supplements this blog, but I'm planning to some post original content and possibly release info. Currently there are no plans for reblogs.


  1. I hadn't seen that many sweet ouji outfits before, but this is definetly something that feels coherent in my mind. You can taste the chocolate~ And it doesn't really need to be full of pastel, it does still feels prince-like.
    But then again we're talking about Buttcape a.k.a phD in Ouji, huh?!
    Have a nice week~

    1. I would totally get a degree in ouji if I could!! I have also seen a few pastel attempts, but I love food too much, so I wanted to try a food print first. Plus I think my skin tone looks bad in those colors even though I like them </3. Maybe I can try a mint Oreos inspired coord next xD


  3. I've wanted to do this for years! Awesome