Split Coordinate: Monochromance

Jun 10, 2013

Last week, I saw that Kawaii International was looking for photo submissions for their episode 13 "Kawaii in Black & White." They mentioned on their page that AKIRA and Minori (the shironuri artist) were special guests for this episode. Both of them are very inspiring, plus my entire closet is black and white, so I did not want to pass this chance up!

Black and white is a really simple theme, so I started thinking of how I could make it unique. People often ask me how I come up with coords and I always say I used to be really into Gaia Online. Seriously, that website help me learned how to dress. Then I remembered "halfatars." I was always amazed with those because I could never emulate it in-game, so I thought let's try it in real life and here's what I managed to come up with thanks to a lot of safety pins. Shout outs to Meci and Amber for helping me come up with this title. Monochrome + Romance = Monochromance. I submitted this picture:

Hat: Fox Cherry
Hair: Alpaca Sound Horizon Marchen wig + Arda Wigs short bands (pure white)
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates
Jacket: Atelier Boz Eternity Roland 2x
Buttcape: Atelier Boz 2x
Cage Skirt: Fanplusfriend
Garter: Metamorphose temps de fille + Chess Story
Socks: Metamorphose temps de fille + Alice and the Pirates
Boots: bodyline

With only one week to do this, I'm pretty satisfied on how it came out since I didn't want to alter and sew anything. Originally, I wanted to make this an ouji coord, but the Roland jackets hid too much of my legs to see any details. You can see how weird it looks in the back. I really am wearing two jackets at the same time! Needless to say, this is a photoshoot only outfit. I don't know if I made it in or not since the program doesn't air for another few weeks, but here's hoping AKIRA notices me!

Dear Black Peace Now also executed this technique. Minori is also incorporates it into her style. If you're up for a challenge, try making a vertical split coordinate. Try with all colors, not just black and white!

Photo by Chris CB
See more of Minori's Her Memories of a Dream

P.S. I am still mourning the loss of BPN. :( Good news: my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf should be here later today!! I'll post my friend code when I get it.


  1. I can't wait to swap Animal Crossing friend codes with you, my new 3DS won't come in until Wednesday though. =(

    I absolutely ADORE this coordinate, and I honestly think it looks really awesome from the back, hanging sleeves and all. It reminds me of those cool deconstructed coordinates you see from old clothes.

    You know, Gaia helped me a lot too, I have a much better idea of how to lay out stuff because of it, haha! I really adore doing... I'll call it checkerboard splits, where the colours alternate on the way down. Recently I wore one mint shoe and one lavender shoe with a wig that is split in the same colours, but I wore them on mismatching sides! I should try and do a same split next time. *A*

    1. Oh just drop your friend code whenever you get it! I think I'll be on a plane though, so it might take me a few days to add you back. Checkerboard split is a cute name for it XD Let's come up with nicknames for all kinds of splits. Anything involving ice cream colors should be banana split!

  2. I love love love your outfit ♥♥♥

  3. I love your coord. ^^ I need a Roland jacket too someday... Right now I enjoy both wearing lolita and ouji, so it's always hard to decide if I buy something for ouji or lolita... .__. But my ouji wardrobe grows. :>

    And I'm also still mourning over BPN. ;__; It's something sad to say, but the quality of my BPN items (especially the fixation of buttons and hooks and sadly also the fabric quality) is a lot better than the quality of some of my AatP items.

    1. I've had some really bad BPN items xD but the good ones are especially good! I think AatP may be falling a little. My old AatP feels better than the newer stuff I have. Maybe I'm just buying the wrong things.

  4. You are too fabulous. I freakin Love this coord!!!
    I hope Akira notices you too ;^; how could she not?

  5. you´re a creative genius, this is amazing! I love to know where you got your inspirations from and see the final result. sooo inspiring!
    I´m definitely looking foward to see you on the show! :D

  6. That cord is AMAZING! gorgeous and very creative.the theme is simple but this kind of cords are rly complex. omg, do you play gaiaonline? me too? : D can i add you as friend? my username is Lilith~Yoko

    1. I quit playing a few years ago, but every once in awhile I log in. My username is Skyscraper Opera!

  7. This is amazing! It's so creative and just WOW! I sort of even love how the two jackets look pinned together like that.

  8. Your outfit is AMAZING!!! If it doesn't get in, I don't know what they're smoking!! Wow! Such a cool idea!
    I don't usually wear jackets much in coords but you make it work so well! I'm in looooveeeeee! So great that you had all the things to make it work so perfectly [and I mean matching jackets, shoes, wig, etc]. I've only done split stuff with hair, and tights, socks and shoes before, ooh and bloomers that have different legs, but you inspire me to also try the top half! And monochromance is an amazing word.

  9. C'est une belle tenue!
    You're a wonderful artist of design and a beautifully creative mind.