Double Birthday

Jan 15, 2015

In December, there was a double birthday party for Sarah and Alys. They let me triplet with them with our matching bicorns. First we had lunch; I had chicken and waffles.

Here's a two-step process on how to be me:
Step one is to take a picture of my food (see below).
Step two is to eat like a savage without getting food all over my clothes.

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Then we strolled around town and took some photos.

I saw Misako wear this hat in KERA and decided I needed it. This one was actually my second hat because the first one had some factory defects (review is coming later). I finally got to wear it though!

Hat: Alice and the Pirates Chat Noire Silk Hat
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates Moonlight Temptation from the Monochrome Guide of the Dark Blouse
Coat: Alice and the Pirates Captain Schwarz Coat
Pants: Alice and the Pirates Destinee de la Rose Pants
Shoes: Fuori Classe
Brooches and chains: Alice and the Pirates, uF, Di Molto Bene

Triple kabedon

Average oujis loitering around a fountain

And a group photo for last!

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