In the Media: Fatal Frame Zero Live Action Movie

Sep 29, 2014

Fatal Frame is a horror video game series with a Japanese live action adaptation that was just released last week. The character Meri-san, played by Noriko Nakagoshi, is wearing a few pieces from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates as seen in the trailer (0:31) and OHP.

In the Media: DAIGO - 心配症な彼女 (Shinpaisho na Kanojo)

Sep 23, 2014

Today I' starting a new post series about ouji and lolita in the media. I like seeing clothing in action, so I wanted to archive everything. All posts will be tagged as "in the media."

I recently started listening to more DAIGO, so the first post features his new music video for his third single Change!!/Shinpaisho na Kanojo. He wears a bowler hat from the indie brand corgi-corgi. The rest of the coord is rather dapper too; I like it. The hat also appears on the type B limited edition version of the single.

GangLioN at Oni-Con 2014!

Sep 4, 2014

All-girls band Ganglion has been announced to perform at Oni-Con this October! Ganglion's music can be described as "girl's emotional hard rock" that isn't confined to just one genre. This will be their US debut.

The band often wears clothing from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates. Oni is actually my favorite model, so I'm really excited to meet and see her perform! Oni frequently models for gothic, punk, and boys style brands such as Alice and the Pirates, ALGONQUINS, SEX POT ReVeNGe, HELLCATPUNKS, and more.

Their new mini-album comes out tomorrow Septmeber 5! 

I plan on attending their Q&A session, so if you'd like to send in some questions, I'll try my best to get them answered!