[Scans] Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Post Cards

Mar 31, 2017

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Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Model: Midori Fukasawa
Featured items:  Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic of Scent Cologne JSK + OTKs, Fall in Love Lace Bonnet Headdress + Lace Up Blouse, Antique Ribbon Shoes
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Model: SELEN
Featured items: Kumya-chan's Ribbon Ribbon C'est Bon Belle Journée JSK I + OTKs, Kumya-chan Fur Headdress, Ribbon C'est Bon Blouse, Antique Ribbon Shoes, Usakumya Pochette
Brand: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Model: Midori Fukasawa
Featured items: Bambi de la forêt ~Petite Princesse de la forêt~ JSK II + Ribbon Head Bow + OTKs, Secret Forest Blouse, Mignon Petit Bambi Headband, Victoire Shoes

New and Improved Lolibrary Coming Soon

Mar 17, 2017

A new and improved Lolibrary is on its way!

For those of you who don't know, Lolibrary is a volunteer created database of lolita items, first started in 2010. Their mission is to provide our members with the means to share and archive records of Lolita fashion, including not only historic information on clothes and accessories but user generated content like true measurements, worn photos, ratings, reviews, and comments. Lolibrary cares deeply about Lolita fashion and wanted to revolutionize the way Lolitas get the information they need to learn more about the fashion, make informed buying choices, or to find their dream dress.

As an active contributor, I caught a few sneak peeks of what's going on behind the scenes. The team has been working incredibly hard for months to completely rehaul the site. The user interface is now much cleaner. I'm most excited about the tiled view which has been requested by popular demand for so long.

The hilight feature will be the incredibly powerful search bar. The upgrade will also fix the site stability issues that have been occurring in the past few months. The ETA for the new site is very soon; the current wait is for all images to finish transferring and some bug fixes to be made. Fun fact: the database is currently holding almost 1 million images.

It's undeniable that Lolibrary is one of the top resources for lolita fashion fans. While the migration is happening, the home page will redirect to this lovely splash page. If you love using Lolibrary, consider sending in a donation today! Donations will be used to offset the server costs, so the archive can stay up. Alternatively, if you can't donate, consider contributing items to the database when the site re-launches. The new site will continuously be updated and we have more features to be added in the future, so look forward to it!

* If you are a developer with experience with Laravel (5.4) who wants to help out, please message the Lolibrary Facebook page to be invited to the developer group.

Na+H via Atelier Pierrot 2017 Lucky Pack Opening

Mar 11, 2017

Part of the celebration of a new year begins with New Year's lucky bags or in Japanese fukubukuro. Normally, I don't buy lucky packs unless I liked 75% of the new releases from a brand's previous 2-4 seasons which applied to Na+H last year. I was feeling pretty lucky on this gamble.

Atelier Pierrot announced lucky packs for Enchantlic Enchantilly, Na+H, MARBLE, Atelier Ruby, Gothic Holic, Pina Sweet Collection, Morun x Muuna Stoik, and Atelier Beatrice. They posted preview for the Na+H pack which they didn't do for the other brands. The page is now gone, so I'll just paste everything here. Google Translate says:
2017 Sale of Lucky Bag
Na+H lucky bags will be sold in Atelier Pierrot Osaka and Atelier Pierrot Harajuku stores!!
The price of a lucky bag is 30,000 yen + tax。 The contents are equivalent to 60,000 to 75,000 yen!!
It's a very affordable bag! I'll preview some of the contents.

* These [images] are the contents of some lucky bags, but does not necessarily include these.
* Because these are limited quantity items, sale will end once they're sold out.
* Reservations are not available.

2017年 初売り福袋 Na+H
福袋価格 30,000円+Tax
When I saw the first image in the preview, I decided to give it a shot because I'd actually been eyeing the Frame Cardigan on the webshop for about 6+ months. I really wanted that cardigan. Atelier Pierrot's Harajuku location is located inside LaForet Harajuku, so the sales opened on January 1. Personally, I was not worried about it selling it out because let's be real; Na+H is an expensive brand and tiny brand in sizing and quantity. It's not a lolita brand, so it's not really that popular in and out of Japan.

did offer several packs on their own website, but I decided to go with Atelier Pierrot since they offer free international shipping over a certain amount. Except my plan backfired because Pierrot never listed them online. I spent too much time waiting for them to list it, so the one on the Na+H site sold out. Grimy happened to be in Tokyo on the 13th for an anime food adventure, so I asked her to buy it as a joke because I thought they'd be sold out by now, but lo and behold, I got one.

Spoiler alert: I got the second set, so no cool cardigan for me. The Na+H website(s) absolutely suck(s) and they move URLs so often that it makes finding item names and details is a major pain.

1. Tank OP with net overlay

Retail price: 29,000 yen excluding tax

There's no stock photo, only a tweet about it. I believe these might have been made for the lucky pack and released separately in stores after. The most interesting feature of this OP is the corset lacing on the back. At first, I was disappointed when I pulled it out of the bag, but once I wore it, I realized I probably need it for the Texas summer.

2. Frill Dolman Cardigan

Retail price: 18,000 yen (estimated, excluding tax)
Again, couldn't find any information about this one, so it may be the same case as above. It's very similar to something that was called "Frill Dolman Cardigan" released in 2016, but the sleeves are different. It's made of a sweatshirt-like material. In the video, I actually put it on the mannequin backwards, but I think it looks just as good as forwards.
The loop can be arranged various ways. It's made of a stretchy tulle. I have other items with the same trim and I really enjoy it because it has a high frill volume while being lightweight.

3. Frame Neck Cast

Retail price: 9,800 yen excluding tax
It's weird that they call this a cast for some reason instead of a neck corset. Pretty happy I received this one instead of the one in the sample image. This one is more frilly which I like. It also fits my dog Latte, so we can share another accessory.

4. Studded Clutch Bag

Retail price: N/A
This doesn't have an official name because Na+H only produces bags as novelties. It's made of enamel making it very shiny and decorated with antique gold studs. I have no use for this since I don't like clutches, so I will be selling it. If you'd like to claim it before I list it for sale, feel free to contact me!

The total value of my pack is 56,800 yen not including the bag. If I had to guess a value for the bag, it would probably be about 6,000 yen totaling 62,800 landing this pack on the minimum side of the price spectrum. As like most other gothic brands, the deal value of this lucky pack is not very high compared to sweet or classic brands; you really only save about 50% off. I would only recommend purchasing a Na+H lucky pack if you absolutely know you can fit their clothes and really like what they put out. It is a full coordinate though, so it is ready to wear.

I made a video review before writing this post, so you can see the clothing details slightly better.

Overall, for the amount paid I'm pretty apathetic about this lucky pack. It's not what I wanted, but it could have been worse. I could have ended up with example #3 and it would have been very difficult to sell in the international community. The clutch bag really brought my mood down. Heck, I'd be way more satisfied with some 2,000 yen socks or something since I'm just not a bag person. Luckily, I did not have to pay shopping service or shipping fees this time, but if I had to pay extra fees, I would definitely reconsider my purchase. I'm still sad I didn't get that Frame Cardigan, so I might just have to go buy it at retail price.

Did you buy any lucky packs year? Have any sweet deals or regrets? Share your experience in the comments!

Dream Holic Hime Ringo in Chocolate Wig Review

Mar 3, 2017

Greetings, world. Today's post will be about Dream Holic, a Chinese wig brand. In the past, I've had several bad experiences with other English speaking lolita wig companies with their quality issues and terrible business practices. Dream Holic has mostly positive reviews online from what I could find, but over the years I've learned to take most lolita wig reviews with a grain of salt because they usually aren't very detailed and the negative ones are never posted. This is not a sponsored review.

When Dream Holic first appeared around 2012, I was impressed with the quality of their pictures. Previously, I had seen some of them in person being worn by Lillith and they looked great on her (probably because she always looks cute). I never ordered one on my own though since shipping was ridiculously expensive for one wig. One day, someone posted a group order on Facebook, so I decided to finally purchase a very girly for whenever I have random sweet lolita urges. I ordered the Hime Ringo style in the Chocolate colorway. It's a bob base with two detachable clip-in ponytails.
The main stock photo for the Hime Ringo wig
Price: $56.00 - 12% group order discount = $49.28 excluding shipping


Their store was still on Etsy when this group order happened. Recently they had to move onto Storenvy, so the pricing may be different now. Browsing the Dream Holic shop was the most headache inducing process ever. First of all, despite the store's pictures being very pretty to look at, these pictures are absolutely terrible as stock photos.
stock photo
What kind of stock photo is that? The whole wig isn't even displayed in the picture and it's drowned in layers of VSCO filters, so I can't even tell what color it is. I tried looking for a worn photo for this style through their Instagram tag and a google search, but nobody seemed to own it.

Second, for some reason lolita wig shops have to come up with ridiculous names for their colors. Usually half of the names don't make sense. Keep in mind, they have 40+ different colors. Each wig has a different range of colors, so if you like one color, it may or may not come in a style you'd like. The color chart isn't posted anywhere on their store; it's in one of their Facebook albums, so I had to inconveniently switch between their tabs of their shop and Facebook to try to decipher what I was trying to buy. I went for the chocolate brown because it seemed straightforward enough.
color sample for Chocolate
Luckily for me, the Hime Ringo style has individual pictures with labels of each colorway. However, only the newer wigs have extra pictures, so if you're looking at an older style, you'll have to play the guessing game.
stock photo for Sweet Olive and Chocolate colorways


August 30: Order placed.
October 12: Wigs shipped from China.
October 17: Wigs arrived in the US.


My group order host mentioned that Dream Holic asked for a $150 shipping deposit up front and once everything was shipped, Dream Holic would refund the difference. This is a potentially dangerous way to handle shipping, but they did process the refund in the end. According to my host, the order was shipped in multiple boxes from China. There were a lot of issues with the order, mainly Dream Holic sending a bunch of wrong wigs, but DH slowly worked with my host to resolve the issues.

The wig was packaged in a branded translucent plastic zip bag with a very sturdy piece of cardboard inside to prevent the wig from crushing. I store all of my wigs in a large box, but the bag's design sets it apart from all of the other wig bags. The cardboard isn't pictured since I long threw it out to save on space, but it was seriously the thickest and sturdiest piece of wig cardboard I've ever received. 
Flipping the wig inside out, on the back there is a tag and it can be tightened with hooks. Sewn into the front, a hair comb in the center and two toupee clips on the sides for extra security. This is a nice feature for Dream Holic to include since it's not standard with most other wig shops. Often, I have problems with Chinese wigs being too tight because my real hair is very thick and I suppose that means I have a large head, but this wig's cap is fairly roomy and has a good amount of stretch to it.
interior of wig
This wig has a radial part which doesn't bother me that much, but if you're trying to make it look natural, look elsewhere. The ponytails attach securely onto the base with clips. The tightness of the ponytail can be adjusted with a drawstring. I really like that their ponytails have volume around the top.
top and wig clip
The brown is more warmly saturated in real life than the stock photo. I was expecting because the stock photo and all of their other photos are edited in a dreamy low contrast style. The color is close what I wanted, so this wasn't a problem for me; it is indeed the color of chocolate. The mileage may vary with the other colors though since all monitors are different. On the backside, there are a few hairs to cover the nape of your neck just in case you have a lot of hair in that area. The wig is just thick enough to hide all of my hair and netting.
close-ups of the backside
base wig
Here I am wearing the wig out of the bag. I didn't cut or style it. I only shook out the pigtails to give them some life and combed through it for smoothness. For reference, I have a flat and round face. I find the base wig a bit unflattering on its own because the face framing bits make me look like I'm wearing a helmet of hair. My biggest gripe is the bangs though. If you notice in the pictures featuring my wig head, the bangs don't sit very well on its flat facial plane. I thought they were the "standard" lolita straight bangs from the stock photo, but instead they are they wispy J-shaped curled bangs that are popular in larme kei right now (think Risa Nakamura). Because the bangs are thin they subject to flying everywhere. Hairspray can be used as temporary fix, but they will move if you do enough moving in the day or wind hits it. It took me several minutes too long to get them to look right in my worn picture. The thinness would be unflattering for someone with a wide forehead.
Who is this even?
Earlier I mentioned that I liked the shape and design of these ponytails. The are super cute and I love how much volume they have. They can be worn in a smoother manner, but I like the more wild voluminous look. By arranging them in different positions, you can create multiple cute looks.
Next, let's talk about the fibers. The wig is made from"Japanese high temperature wire." The fibers are soft to touch and the few tangles I've encountered were easy to untangle. Shedding has not been a problem. Hairs will fly only if you intentionally try to rip them out. I find the hairs comparable to cheaper synthetic wigs in terms of shine. I brought the wig outside on a cloudy day and took pictures with and without flash. In direct sun, the plastic shine will be obvious.
left: cloudy day with no flash, right: cloudy day with flash
After that, I brought the wig back inside my room. I hadn't noticed this earlier until now writing my review, but the wig can also look fake indoors as well. This picture was taken without flash in my room under my fluorescent lighting that isn't very bright.
with indoors fluorescent lighting without flash
Even some of cosplay wigs don't even shine this much. This wig can look very good in a environment with controlled lighting such as a photoshoot, but at the same time, it can look very plastic-like in a brightly lit environment such as the outdoors.


Quality: 3/5 ♦♦♦♢♢
The wig is soft to touch and easy to brush through which makes it easy to maintain. The fibers are nothing special in terms of naturalness. They reflect a good amount of light which can make them look unnatural in certain lighting conditions. I have not tested the heat resistance out.

Design: 4/5 ♦♦♦♦♢
I bought the Hime Ringo because I've always wanted a twin tails wig without the generic straight twin tails. It looks cute even with just one ponytail. This bangs on this particular style won't flatter all face shapes and I wish they were thicker. It's comfortable and lightweight to wear.

Price: 3/5 ♦♦♦♢♢
For international buyers, Etsy/Storenvy prices do have a significant markup above the Taobao prices before shopping service fees. I was aware of this when I ordered. But since I didn't want to deal with a Chinese shopping service, I just went in the group order. With discount, the price I paid was bearable, but if I had to pay full price, I probably wouldn't. They do have shipping and discount promotions every so often, so that would definitely have an influence whether I'd order again.

Shipping: N/A
I went through a group order, so I didn't deal with it directly, so I won't give it a rating. My group order host mentioned that order fulfillment does take very long. They ship to the U.S. using EMS. When my group order host received the multiple boxes the order was split into, the 30+ wigs were not labeled, so she had to sort through all of them to decipher what each wig was.

Customer Service: N/A
Again, I went through a group order, so I didn't deal with them directly, so I won't give it a rating. Communication can be slow because of the distance and time zone differences between their staff. The factory is located in China, but the English support person is actually located in Sweden. The team member that handles their Facebook page did work slowly to correct the wrong wigs sent and did their best to make up for the mistakes.

Overall, this wig scored a 3.3 out of 5 marking slightly above average. After I purchased my wig, I saw a friend wearing a black wig which had the same amount of shininess. The wigs are overhyped, but they appear gorgeous in photos. Seriously though, they could tone down the editing a lot to provide an accurate stock photo. Their webshops still need a lot of work in order to make it easy for the customer. Having to cross reference across different platforms is highly inconvenient. Arda Wigs had this same problem too, but their Flickr gallery is more organized than a Facebook album, so it was an easier trial. Arda has slowly been adding more stock photos, so I hope Dream Holic will do so too in the future.

Dream Holic wigs are definitely unique with fun styles and color blends making them perfect for all kinds of cute and girly fashion styles. As far as I know, they haven't been involved in any scandals like, ahem, other lolita wig companies. Would I order from Dream Holic again? Probably not anytime soon. With good marketing (and Photoshop skills), I see them growing more popular in the future. They're not a perfect company, but they are open to helping their customers and improving their shop. 

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright to Appear in J-Drama Rental Lover

Mar 1, 2017

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright clothing will appear in TBS Japanese drama "Rental Lover (Rentaru no Koi/レンタルの恋)." The episode will air on March 15, 2017 at 00:10 AM Japan time.

Summary from TBS:
"On Christmas Eve, Kosuke Yamada (Taiga), a 22-year-old university student who's never had a girlfriend, is somehow guided by a suspicious middle-aged man - Kenbutsu Takami (Yoichi Nukumizu), and rents Remi Takasugi (Ayame Goriki) at a rental girlfriend agency - "Rental Lovers". Remi, the most popular rental girlfriend of the agency, has well researched Kosuke's taste and even wears a costume of an anime character that he likes on the date. Kosuke instantly falls for Remi, however, he soon finds out that Remi is a mysterious girl who wears a bandage on her neck and never smiles while off-duty. Then the story of Kosuke, Remi, a Kosuke's childhood friend - Sumire (Yukino Kishii), and his best friend - Hayato (Kentaro) goes to an unexpected direction."
The full coordinate can be seen starting at 2:59.

She's wearing Baby's Le Petit Chat Noir OP, Rose Headdress, Victoir Shoes, and the Alice and the Pirates Mini Trunk Bag. The socks are most likely BtSSB Small Lace OTKs.

Additionally, there appears to be a pastel sweet lolita at 2:56 as well, but you only see the back of her head.

Sources: Rental Lover Official OHP | Baby, the Stars Shine Bright