h.NAOTO's Newest Model Is a Frog. Literally.

Jun 4, 2018

Meet h.NAOTO's newest model Argar! Argar is a witch living in Japan. Pill bugs are her favorite food. She likes gothic clothing and her favorite brands are h.NAOTO and Prada. Her favorite time of the year is October around Halloween time.

Argar made her modeling debut late May 2018. She's been seen rocking her custom h.NAOTO lace witch hat sometimes paired with a chiffon cape for special occasions. Her poise has completely enamored me and now she is one of my favorite models. Follow Argar's career either on her blog or Instagram!

Classic Lolita Sighting in The Lies She Loved (2018)

Apr 10, 2018

The Lies She Loved (嘘を愛する女) is a Japanese romance mystery film that was released January 20, 2018 starring Masami Nagasawa, Issei Takahashi, Kotaro Yoshida, DAIGO, and Rina Kawaei.
Story summary from TOHO:
She was the ideal to which women aspire. Yukari Kawahara (Masami Nagasawa), a career-focused woman who works for a beverage manufacturer, has been living with her boyfriend Kippei Koide (Issey Takahashi),a dependable medical researcher, for 5 years. One night when she is waiting for his return, she instead receives a sudden visit from the police. “Who is my boyfriend?” Kippei had collapsed from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, at which point it was discovered that his driver’s license, and medical license were falsified, and that even his profession and name were mere lies. Shocked at having been deceived and unable to hide her doubts as to the man’s true identity, Yukari makes up her mind to consult with a private investigator, Takumi Kaibara (Kotaro Yoshida). The search brings them to a 700-page novel that had been written by Kippei. In it are hints alluding to someone’s hometown, and the vision of a happy family. With help from Kaibara, Yukari learns that it is located somewhere along the Seto Inland Sea, and goes seeking Kippei’s secrets...Why did Kippei create a manufactured life, deceiving Yukari? Can she arrive at the true identity of the nameless man who remains unconscious in a hospital bed?
Former AKB48 member Rina Kawaei, now actress, plays the role of supporting character Kokoha. She's seen wearing a few classic lolita outfits in the promotional media, namely Enchantlic Enchantilly's Secret Study Print JSK and Metamorphose's Swan Cameo Embroidered Bag.

From what's available, the scenes move too fast for me to to able to identify her houndstooth coat, navy coat, bordeaux blouse and headdressses.
The Lies She Loved (嘘を愛する女): OHP | Twitter | Instagram

The Showroom ft. Creepy Yeha NYC, Low Low NYC, Gauche HTX

Mar 28, 2018

The Showroom was a pop-up boutique held on March 15-17, 2018 in a private location in central Houston featuring 3 indie brands: CREEPYYEHA, LOWLOW NYC, and GAUCHE. Initially, I wasn't able to attend that weekend, but they opened up an extra day on Sunday which I was available to go. The promotional image showed a lot of red, so I decided to wear the few red pieces I own to match the theme.

GAUCHE, formerly known as Shopnonhuman, is designed by Michele Yue, a local resident of Houston. The former was an jewelry brand, but now rebranded to include clothing.

LOWLOW NYC is designed by Vivan Loh. Vivian came all the way from New York City. Her t-shirts and pants looked extremely comfortable.
CREEPYYEHA is designed by Yeha Leung who is also from New York City. My first encounter with the CREEPYYEHA brand was during my Tumblr days, so I was happy to finally able to buy some of her pieces. Now that I've seen it in person, I can vouch the craftsmanship is extremely great quality!
With the three talented ladies! They are super chill, too. Thank you for letting me snap a few pictures!
Shout out to Ginger the very good dog.
I ended up buying a skirt and belt from CREEPYYEHA and a ring from GAUCHE. When my eyes landed on this skirt, I just knew I had to have it since it has pleats and is asymmetric. I think I was actually eyeing a similar asymmetric pleats skirt from Elements,H, but this one's nicer and I was able to try it on; it fit! The skirt was designed by her partner Alejandro Lafontant. I walked out wearing it out of the shop since it matched my outfit so well. The belt is extremely comfortable, too!

I took a quick snap of the skirt after I got home. It pairs well with my Na+H leg warmers and boots that I never get to wear out. I've had these leg warmers for years, but this was the first time I actually wore them out and the pleather is flaking, so RIP leg warmers. Looking forward to wearing my new  accessories out soon!

GAUCHE: OHP | Facebook | Instagram
Michele Yue: Instagram
LOWLOW NYC: OHP | Facebook | Instagram
Vivan Loh: OHP | Instagram
Yeha Leung: Instagram

How to Identify Lolita Clothing

Mar 15, 2018

Have you ever see a dress you fell in love at first site with, but you don't know where it's from or where to begin looking for it? Fortunately, lolita fashion enthusiasts are really dedicated in preserving the fashion's history. This guide was written for the What is That Dress? (Lolita Fashion) group, but it can be used for all types of clothing and styles other than lolita. Other fashion styles may not be as well documented though. Follow these steps to start your search!

How to Find The Dress

  1. Search Lolibrary.
    Lolibrary is able to item names in their native languages. For example, if the time is from a Japanese brand, then the Japanese name can usually be searched.
  2. Use Google's reverse image search.
    Taobao has its own reverse image search: [GUIDE] Using Image Search on Taobao.
  3. Google Translate the item listing.
  4. Ask the owner/seller/person wearing the item if possible.
  5. If you know the brand, check their blogs and social media. Wayback Machine can be used to view old instances of websites.
    • On Google, you can use "site: ____.com keywords" to narrow down results.
    • Japanese brands will list the blogs on their main site. They usually have a blog for each separate physical shop. Blogs are usually on Ameblo, FC2, or Yaplog.
    • Chinese brands use Weibo.
    • Western brands usually use Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.
  6. Check printed publications if possible.
    It's a little easier if you have the physical copies, but if you don't various scans can be found at Lolita History and other magazine scanning sites. The most comprehensive books would be the Gothic & Lolita Bible and the specific brand's catalogues. KERA and other magazines are also helpful, but will require more searching. 
  7. If you have the name, but no stock image, other sites to check are Flickr, Photobucket, and Polyvore.

Requesting Help

If you still can't find the item, here are some tips for requesting help in the group.
  • Upload front and back pictures if possible.
  • Provide as much information as possible. The more specific you are, the more helpful it is.
    • When did you buy it?
    • Did you buy it secondhand?
    • What material is it?
    • Does it have any distinguishing features not apparent in photos?
    • Can you describe the elements in the print?
  • Link to the listing if possible.
  • If the item still has tags, snap a picture. Japanese brand tags usually include a product number on them.
  • Innocent World and Moi Meme Moitie items have item numbers printed on their care tags. 
  • Angelic Pretty tags used several different tags over time and they can be used to identify the general time period the item was released. Check out RaineDragon's Brand Tags post for specifics. 

If you've successfully identified the item, congratulations! Please consider adding it to Lolibrary yourself or you can provide the information to a Lolibrarian to add it for you. Lolibrary a non-profit organization that is always recruiting volunteer contributors. If you'd like to help with preserving lolita fashion history, please consider making a donation!

More Reasons to Hate Anime Matsuri and Shop in Wonderland Part 1

Mar 2, 2018

Continuing from the post I made in 2015, here are more reasons why you should not support Anime Matsuri. In case, you needed a refresher course: Anime Matsuri is an anime convention in Houston, TX owned and operated by President Deneice Phan Leigh and Director John Leigh. Running Anime Matsuri is Deneice and John’s full-time job and main source of income. The entirety of Anime Matsuri is built solely around them as individuals. Every business decision is ultimately made by John and Deneice. It is physically impossible to remove them from their positions since they are the sole owners. Staff members of Anime Matsuri have no say in the convention’s financial decisions since every department is micromanaged by John and Deneice. Since everything is micromanaged by John and Deneice, staff members are virtually useless and replaceable at any moment once they decide they have no use for you. Deneice and John will just find another thirsty weeaboo off the street to work for them. Deneice and John are liars, thieves, scammers, and manipulators to industry guests and even their own fans and “friends.” On top of that, there’s the sexual harassment, too, but I’m sure you’ve heard of that.

Shortly after I published my initial post and Chokelate had written her account, John retaliated with a blog post called “A Man in a Woman’s World Pt. 1” hosted on blog.com. John did not own a blog, so he went out of his way to make one just to write his non-apology. I want to emphasize that I was only an attendee of the con and Chokelate was an official guest of the con and that neither of our accounts should be forgotten. John wrote that he considered me a friend, but if he was really my friend, he would not have manipulated my other friends (at the time) to kick me out of my own community because I disagreed with the community turning into an AM adspace. I was backstabbed by people I trusted. Then he had the gall to try bribing me into silence by offering me a staff position. The nerve of some people. I wish someone had warned me back then, so that’s why I’m warning others now.


Feb 16, 2018

Hello, 2018! Albeit it is February now, so this post is a bit late. January was hectic for me and I still have a lot of catching up from 2017 to post.

My first life update for you to read about is that I went to Japan for the first time during New Year's! I went for a week and a half, but it definitely wasn't enough time. I can't wait to go back. The blog post will probably be delayed since I still have a bunch of things from 2017 to write about. For now, I am slowly uploading a few pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Second, you may have noticed I did not upload a wardrobe post for 2018. I usually start photographing in December, but since I was going to Japan, I knew I was going to buy more stuff (and I did). Then on my last few days, I caught a Japanese cold and that destroyed my willpower for the rest of January. I really thought the Japanese cold was just a cold, but it's so much worse. I don't understand why, but it is. Anime and J-drama aren't exaggerating about people dying from colds. Here's last year's wardrobe post as a consolidation.

As a result for missing the January wardrobe deadline, I'm thinking of a new blog series where I review every single item in my closet. It's basically a wardrobe post, but with more info. The idea came to me last year, but I have yet to implement the plan. I hope to provide detail pictures and measurements for everyone's viewing pleasure. Might as well share some information with the EGL community! Though it may take me a very long time to finish since I've got a lot of things.

Another goal I have for this year is to level up my photography. Though I've theoretically understood camera numbers for years, I feel like it's finally clicking in my head. Carrying around my DSLR instead of only using it at home has definitely accelerated my learning and I still have much to learn! I think applying as press for Oni-Con 2017 gave me a challenge. 2018 should be a rather creative year for me. I bought a new laptop, so my productivity should increase! I'm still getting accommodated to an HD monitor. Maybe I'll upload more videos to YouTube? I had to stop because my old laptop couldn't handle editing software. It shouldn't be an issue now with new equipment. I actually prefer photography over video, so I'll focus on photography more. I want to branch out from lolita fashion and start shooting cosplay, but I don't know that many cosplayers, so maybe I'll have to start with anime figure photography.

To kick off the new creative streak, I took new headshots. All of my profile pictures were outdated, so it was time to freshen up my face. There's no full coordinate shot for this because I was just wearing pajama pants.

That's it for the mini life update. I need to finish typing blog posts for last year and get them posted. This includes several J-rock concerts, A-Kon, Oni-Con, and a few other meetups. Thank you for reading!

Moi-même-Moitié US Debut! Mana Returns to Sakura-Con

Jan 29, 2018

FAKE STAR, USA presents the US debut for the Elegant Gothic Lolita & Elegant Gothic Aristocrat brand Moi-même-Moitié at Sakura-Con 2018 in Seattle, WA. Mana himself will be a guest of the convention as the producer for his fashion brand.

Mana’s last US appearance was in 2012 at Sakura-Con with his band Moi dix Mois.

Moi-même-Moitié will host a pop-up boutique, fashion show, and tea party at the convention. The pop-up boutique will also feature items from Wunderwelt, the Japanese online retailer and parent company of Moi-même-Moitié.
Mana will be participating in autograph sessions and a panel at Sakura-Con.

More information regarding the tea party, model applications, and schedule details will be released at a later time.

Sakura-Con will be held March 30-April 1, 2018 at the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle. Sakura-Con is the largest anime and Japanese culture convention in the Pacific Northwest. Presented by Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA), Sakura-Con celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

Follow Sakura-Con, Moitie, Wunderwelt, and FAKE STAR, USA for the latest news and updates.
Sakura-Con: OHP | Twitter | Facebook
Moi-même-Moitié: OHP | Twitter | Facebook
Wunderwelt: OHP | Twitter | Facebook
FAKE STAR, USA: OHP | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube