Feb 16, 2018

Hello, 2018! Albeit it is February now, so this post is a bit late. January was hectic for me and I still have a lot of catching up from 2017 to post.

My first life update for you to read about is that I went to Japan for the first time during New Year's! I went for a week and a half, but it definitely wasn't enough time. I can't wait to go back. The blog post will probably be delayed since I still have a bunch of things from 2017 to write about. For now, I am slowly uploading a few pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Second, you may have noticed I did not upload a wardrobe post for 2018. I usually start photographing in December, but since I was going to Japan, I knew I was going to buy more stuff (and I did). Then on my last few days, I caught a Japanese cold and that destroyed my willpower for the rest of January. I really thought the Japanese cold was just a cold, but it's so much worse. I don't understand why, but it is. Anime and J-drama aren't exaggerating about people dying from colds. Here's last year's wardrobe post as a consolidation.

As a result for missing the January wardrobe deadline, I'm thinking of a new blog series where I review every single item in my closet. It's basically a wardrobe post, but with more info. The idea came to me last year, but I have yet to implement the plan. I hope to provide detail pictures and measurements for everyone's viewing pleasure. Might as well share some information with the EGL community! Though it may take me a very long time to finish since I've got a lot of things.

Another goal I have for this year is to level up my photography. Though I've theoretically understood camera numbers for years, I feel like it's finally clicking in my head. Carrying around my DSLR instead of only using it at home has definitely accelerated my learning and I still have much to learn! I think applying as press for Oni-Con 2017 gave me a challenge. 2018 should be a rather creative year for me. I bought a new laptop, so my productivity should increase! I'm still getting accommodated to an HD monitor. Maybe I'll upload more videos to YouTube? I had to stop because my old laptop couldn't handle editing software. It shouldn't be an issue now with new equipment. I actually prefer photography over video, so I'll focus on photography more. I want to branch out from lolita fashion and start shooting cosplay, but I don't know that many cosplayers, so maybe I'll have to start with anime figure photography.

To kick off the new creative streak, I took new headshots. All of my profile pictures were outdated, so it was time to freshen up my face. There's no full coordinate shot for this because I was just wearing pajama pants.

That's it for the mini life update. I need to finish typing blog posts for last year and get them posted. This includes several J-rock concerts, A-Kon, Oni-Con, and a few other meetups. Thank you for reading!

Moi-même-Moitié US Debut! Mana Returns to Sakura-Con

Jan 29, 2018

FAKE STAR, USA presents the US debut for the Elegant Gothic Lolita & Elegant Gothic Aristocrat brand Moi-même-Moitié at Sakura-Con 2018 in Seattle, WA. Mana himself will be a guest of the convention as the producer for his fashion brand.

Mana’s last US appearance was in 2012 at Sakura-Con with his band Moi dix Mois.

Moi-même-Moitié will host a pop-up boutique, fashion show, and tea party at the convention. The pop-up boutique will also feature items from Wunderwelt, the Japanese online retailer and parent company of Moi-même-Moitié.
Mana will be participating in autograph sessions and a panel at Sakura-Con.

More information regarding the tea party, model applications, and schedule details will be released at a later time.

Sakura-Con will be held March 30-April 1, 2018 at the Washington State Convention Center in Downtown Seattle. Sakura-Con is the largest anime and Japanese culture convention in the Pacific Northwest. Presented by Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association (ANCEA), Sakura-Con celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.

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FAKE STAR, USA: OHP | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show: KawaiiHolic

Dec 24, 2017

The final brand of the Oni-Con 2017's fashion show was KawaiiHolic. Started in 2017, KawaiiHolic makes unisex kawaii clothing that can be incorporated into many fashions, including yami kawaii and lolita fashion. Kawaii Ambassador and model Kimura U is the brand's designer.