In the Media: Monster Musume ft. Boz

Sep 28, 2015

Monster Musume, other known as Everyday Life with Monster Girls, is a mature harem genre anime and manga series. Basically, the protagonist ends up hosting a bunch of half human, half animal/mystical creature ladies in his house in a NSFW manner.

One of the characters is Mero the mermaid. Mero wears "gothic lolita." Clearly this isn't lolita, but the inspiration is there as you can see with the headdress and the stereotypical anime black and white combo.
I ended watching all 12 episodes of the tv anime looking for this scene, but a friend pointed out that it's actually in one of the animated short specials. In Monster Musume Almost Daily Life Special Issue 5, Mero is seen shopping for clothes on her tablet.
Those two pieces are actually real Atelier Boz dresses! The first one is Boz's Zeno Dean Jacket OP and the second one is Ralfe OP
It's one of the last places I'd ever expect to find Boz, but it's a pleasant surprise. The show is alright though and the mermaid girl did end up being my favorite. There's nothing else lolita-related in the show, so I wouldn't recommend Monster Musume if you're looking for a lolita anime.

Coordinate 01: Anime Fest 2015

Sep 22, 2015

Normally, I don't get to travel out of town, but with fortunate circumstances I attended Anime Fest in Dallas for a day. It was very relaxing since I didn't have any responsibilities to worry about and I met up with some friends. It was also very cold.

This outfit's theme was "Final Fantasy goth." I took some inspiration from the Na+H shop staff and Paine from FFX-2 with the help of grimy13 and here's what we came up with:

Outfit Rundown
Blouse: Na+H
Pants: Na+H Warrior shorts (cotton-poly version)
Socks: Angelic Pretty Moon Night Theater OTKs
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Temptation
Accessories: ShojoMonsta frame clips, Na+H Warrior long gloves, Aetherlund Bat Cuff, Automatic Honey Royal Heart necklace, Listen Flavor ShinganCrimsonZ button, forever21 belt

Now for some troubles with this coord. Unfortunately, I discovered the shoes were too small for comfort with socks, so I'm going to sell them on lacemarket eventually. I had packed up my makeup brushes and they were ready to go in my bag, but I still forgot them at home. The button on my pants doesn't match anything, but I forgot to take it off for photos (must wear that anime merch at an anime con!). Despite all the troubles, it was a very cool coord to wear! It's still way too hot for ouji here, so I've been very lazy to dress nicely.

P.S. I am trying a numbering system for my coords, so I can keep track of them easier, so don't mind my title starting at 1.