Sep 22, 2013

Hooray, it's officially the first day of autumn! For those in the northern hemisphere, that means jacket weather is here. I sadly have to wait a little longer since I'm in the land of humidity, but that's not going to stop me from writing about my favorite jacket in my favorite season.

The Roland Jacket is definitely the most iconic piece from Atelier Boz. Its simple and sleek design makes it versatile to work in many styles including aristocrat, ouji, and lolita fashion. Boz always has them in stock and every year they make all sorts of different versions. I can't get enough of them, so I tracked down all of the "evolutions" starting with the original solid black Roland Jacket. 

BZ2130/BZM2130 solid
polyester/rayon blend: black
BZ2130/BZM2130- additional colors
white, bordeaux, navy
brown, grey
velveteen: black
BZ2135/BZM2135- additional colors
velveteen: bordeaux, navy
BZ2153/BZM2153- tartan additional colorway

BZ2190/BZM2190 "Eclipse Roland"
striped corduroy
polyester/rayon blend: striped
BZ2256/BZM2256 "Eternity Rolamd"
sheer jacquard black
BZ2256/BZM2256- additional color
metallic silver
BZ2302/BZM2302- additional colors
metallic green, black, blue
BZ2333/BZM2333 "Ondine Roland"
khaki green, bordeaux; no lining

Nagoya store limited "Shiny Roland"

Nagoya store limited "Executive Roland"
men's size only
Nagoya store limited "Agent Roland"
men's size only

Shinjuku store limited 4th anniversary "Astrid Roland"
sheer jacquard purple, blue
BZ2346/BZM2346 "Langley Roland"

BZ2350/BZM2350 "Suvarutsu Roland"
gobelin pattern

BZ2350/BZM2350- additional color
dark blue

Other Varations

BZ2240/BZM2240 Long Roland Jacket
also comes in white
BZ2258/BZM2258 Long Roland Jacket

BZ2266/BZM2266 Long Roland Jacket

BZ2314/BZM2314 "Moses Long Roland"
vest is detachable
BZ2314/BZM2314- additional colors
khaki, brown (brown not available in men's size)

BZ2347/BZM2347 "Valk Long Roland"
velveteen + polyester

Maybe this should be renamed to "The Rolando Challenge" for avid collectors. These Rolands should be added to Lolibrary soon. I finally joined about a month ago after meaning to join for years, so you might see my username occasionally. Ouji clothing isn't archived as frequently, so the more contributors, the merrier!

Q and A: Does Black Miquri restock?

Sep 17, 2013

The school semester has started, so I haven't had time to write much, but I promise that I'm working on the next part of the Ouji Overview! In the mean time, I saw this question in my blog statistics: "Does Black MiQuri restock?"

Answer: Yes, Black MiQuri does restock about once or twice a year, but only a few of their most popular designs which are usually the Napoleon designs. Two examples I can recall are their LANCER jodhpur pants and the Napoleon parka which have both been released twice. They will also tweak some of their past clothes. This Napoleon dinner jacket is a longer version of this 4way Napoleon jacket without the chiffon part. Some of their products are actually old designs from the designer's previous brand BANANA FISH. Black MiQuri is still a fairly new brand, so don't expect too many re-releases.

If what you're looking for is sold out on their online shop, you can try having a shopping service check one of the physical KERA Shop locations. If it's not available there, then the only other option is to look on second-hand sites. If you're feeling a bit lucky, you can try tweeting @BlackMiquri. Designer 九朗-san checks very often and sometimes replies back in English, too. Do keep in mind that they do not currently ship overseas and they are not very popular internationally yet, so every request is not possible.

Feel free to ask me any questions over on my tumblr or message me via LJ!