Metamorphose 2014 A&W Coordinate Contest

Nov 22, 2014

Guess who entered the Metamorphose contest again? Originally, I wasn't going to enter, but I figured I should submit again for consistency's sake.

Choker: Alice and the Pirates x Hizaki collaboration
Vest: Metamorphose temps de fille Ornament Print
Blouse: offbrand
Pants: Na+H Side Frill Shorts
Socks: offbrand + Metamorphose Vintage Cameo OTKs
Bag: Metamorphose Double Pockets 3 Way Bag
Shoes: Bodyline shoes277

You should also check out Grimy and Ann!

My entry: [here]

Grimy's entry: [here]

Ann's entry: [here]

The voting ends at 3:00 PM on Nov. 28th (JST). Thanks for looking and happy voting!

1 comment:

  1. You look like an RPG companion, and like you're ready to kick some butt.
    Your friends look fantastic too.