Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show: Baby Ponytail

Nov 28, 2017

Oni-Con 2017's third brand was the UK-based indie brand Baby Ponytail. Baby Ponytail is inspired by the love for nature, fairy tales, baroque elements and antique porcelain dolls. The label trusts its own imagination to create clothes for girls with dreams.

Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show: Puvithel

Nov 10, 2017

Puvithel was the second brand to appear on stage at the Oni-Con 2017 fashion show. Puvithel is an American indie brand that makes and designs handmade jewelry and accessories, clothing and handbags for J-fashion and alternative styles, with a focus on American Gothic, punk, and lolita fashions. Her motifs include detail work, over-the-top gothic designs, and vector and laser cut work. 

For this fashion show, Puvithel displayed their menhara-inspired Existence is Futile and Happy Pill series and their guro lolita-inspired Slaughterhouse 413 series.

Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show: Royal Princess Alice

Nov 2, 2017

Royal Princess Alice was the first out of four brands to grace the stage at Oni-Con 2017. Royal Princess Alice is a gothic and lolita brand founded in 2014 and based in Osaka, Japan. Owner and designer Aito-san was a special guest at he convention. This was Royal Princess Alices's debut in Texas making it their second fashion show in the U.S.