BPN is Back!

Feb 8, 2014

Recently, I bought some of the latest KERA and G&LB mooks because I like the winter editions the best. I was browsing them and noticed 2 new brands I instantly liked. I thought they looked incredibly familiar for some reason, so I looked into them. Remember the sudden closure of Peace Now, Inc.?  Now there is good news!

Tsubasa Kobayashi, the ex-designer of BLACK PEACE NOW and GADGET GROW, started up two new brands a few months after the bankruptcy announcement. Replacing BPN is Sheglit. Sheglit is described as a more refined and elegant version of BPN, so you won't be seeing any of the old punk styles. These clothes will definitely fit into the lolita, ouji, and aristocrat aesthetic. Sizing is lady's only.

Next, she created MiDiom. The brand name comes from a combination of three words: Minimal, Decorative, and Idiom. As the name suggest, the designs lean towards casual gothic style. This brand is men's size only.

Lastly, the ex-PEACE NOW designer also opened new brand called Elements,H. Clothing is made in both men's and lady's size and ranges from elegant to casual style with a "spicy avant-garde" twist. Out of the 3, this one does have international shipping through an authorized distributor.

A quick review:
PEACE NOW Elements,H

Do you like "reborn" brands? I'm happy for more black brands and am especially fond of Sheglit because I was a fan of BPN. I already bought one of their pieces! There are a few Elements,H items I liked and MiDiom isn't really my style, but it's great to have more men's sizing around.