Oni-Con 2017 Fashion Show: Royal Princess Alice

Nov 2, 2017

Royal Princess Alice was the first out of four brands to grace the stage at Oni-Con 2017. Royal Princess Alice is a gothic and lolita brand founded in 2014 and based in Osaka, Japan. Owner and designer Aito-san was a special guest at he convention. This was Royal Princess Alices's debut in Texas making it their second fashion show in the U.S.

RPA x Tama collaboration Onmyoji series

Model: Molly

RPA x Tama collaboration Okitsune-sama series

Model: Lauren

RPA Higanbana series

Model: Lauren S.

RPA Higanbana series

Accessories: Pan's Forest
Model: Aito-san

RPA x Tama collaboration Heartful Requiem series

Model: Stevie

RPA x Natsume Miku collaboration Goth Cat Ghost series

Model: Aoba

RPA ? series

Model: Becky

RPA x Palme Comete collaboration series

Model: ?

RPA x Palme Comete collaboration series

Model: Sakurako Hoshina


Stay tuned for my Puvithel, Baby Ponytail, and KawaiiHolic photos!

Shot with Nikon AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G.

Royal Princess Alice: OHP | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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