Coordinate 20 Daiya no Ace Fandom Ouji

May 27, 2017

Fandom coordinates are a really fun way to combine many things you like into one! In my case, my latest obsession for the last few years is Daiya no A/Ace of Diamond, the baseball anime. Please watch Daiya no Ace.

It took a few months to put this outfit together. The idea was based on the white and blue theme of the Seido High School baseball uniform. The alternative reading of the kanji for Seido is "blue road," so of course I had to include blue. Even though blue is my favorite color, I actually didn't own any blue clothing. Thus, the quest for blue items began.

The first piece I acquired were a pair of Enchantlic Enchantilly diamond socks. "Daiya" is diamond in Japanese, so I thought they were appropriate! Next, I acquired the Mercurius Vest that was sitting in one of the Japanese secondhand shops for a few years. I never even wanted this vest, but it fit the theme very well. The last piece I really needed was a blouse, but finding a bright blue one took forever. The only brand that actively makes blouses in blue is Angelic Pretty, but I hate buying AP blouses since they never fit me. By some miracle, the Yahoo! Auctions algorithm suggested me an Axes Femme blouse with pearl accents. I thought the pearls could vaguely look like baseballs, so I bought it and the price was under 2,000 yen. 


My dressform is wearing the Mizuno official jersey!
Vest: Alice and the Pirates Mercurius Vest
Blouse: Axes Femme
Belt: Alice and the Pirates Buckle Belt
Pants: Alice and the Pirates Mercurius Pants
Socks: Enchantlic Enchantilly Diamond OTKs
Shoes: offbrand
Glasses: Candy Fruit Optical x Bayonetta
Glasses chain: Atelier Boz
Necklaces: Artemis Kings x Daiya, official Daiya locket
Jabot: Alice and the Pirates Griottine

My favorite character Miyuki Kazuya wears glasses and has brown hair. I already wear glasses, so I just threw on a brown wig and called it a day.

it's ya boys
Now what's a fandom coord without official merch? Small details are like the whipped cream for coords. I received this goofy locket in a merchandise lot. Originally, it came with five characters' faces, but the seller I bought it from only put Miyuki and Sawamura. That is perfect for me since they're my OTP!

Ending this post with a shot of my matching ita bag. Unfortunately, all of the plushies are facing backwards, but I promise it was cute! I've disassembled this bag after this day since I want to find a different base bag.

I think this is the only fandom coord I managed to actually wear. I have many ideas, but I get lazy to execute them. I have some pieces that will work for Ace Attorney and Aldnoah.Zero coords, so I hope motivation hits me this year to finish them. Though it will have to wait until autumn since they require jackets. I've got a huge backlog of anime to watch and games to play, so maybe I'll find some more inspiration!

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