Valentine's Day Chocolate Yakisoba Outfit and Video

Feb 19, 2017

For Valentine's Day, many people have plans, but I did not, so I thought I'd dress up for the heck of it. I've been meaning to wear Holy Lantern since October of last year, but every time I put it on, it felt too out of place for what I'd be doing. Luckily, when you stay home, you can be as OTT as you want.


I can be yuor devil....or yuor devil.
The brooch is flipping the yoke weirdly, sorry about that. I'm trying to get over my silly fear of red lipstick. This color is ColourPop's Chateau. I also need to start wearing the makeup I buy instead of having it pile up, but I actually hate applying it because I'm very mediocre and slow.

Outfit Rundown
Headdress: h.NAOTO
Choker: Moi Meme Moitie Holy Cross Feather Choker
OP: Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern OP
JSK: Atelier Boz Yulianna JSK
Corset: Na+H Garter Belt Style Buckle Short Corset
Socks: Moi Meme Moitie Altar OTKs
Cuffs: Aetherlund Bat Cuffs
Brooch: Chocomint
Shoes: Yosuke USA
Despite how popular the Holy Lantern craze was, 99% of the coords I saw with it on Closet of Frills or Instagram were styled very sweetly. I know, Angelic Pretty is sweet by default, but with the zipper JSK cut and OP cut, I saw very gothic potential in them. Apparently, nobody else did, so here I am with a very gothic Holy Lantern coord. I also have the zipper JSK in wine which I have plans for too.

While I was wearing real clothes, I thought I should record a video. The real reason I made a YouTube was to record food videos since I don't think I have that great of reactions to make unboxing videos enjoyable. Grimy over at Jump Start My Shounen Manga Heart sent me a box of Peyoung's chocolate yakisoba to try. She sent me a lot of other interesting things, too, so I'm slowly going to eat all of them.

I'm still learning the ropes of video production and editing, so please be patient with me. Videos are rather fun because I can't express some things in pictures and text, but they are a pain to edit (at least for now). You see, I'm not that good at speech, so I hope talking to a camera will build my confidence a for blogging, I got out of chronological posting order, so you'll be seeing some more older outfit posts soon. Anyway, that's all for this post, see you next time!

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